BREAKING: A New Holiday is Declared – ‘Impeachment Day’


If you thought (even for a moment) that you have seen it all, think again.  You just can’t fix stupid – but you can laugh at it. 

Yesterday I wrote about the Democrats desperate impeachment attempt to cover their own crimes – crimes they of course have accused Trump of.  EXPOSED! Adam Schiff and the Dems Impeachment Circus a Desperate Attempt to Cover for the Bidens & Others REAL Crimes in Ukraine

Then today along comes this serious news story:

What does one “conservative” blogger, and one utterly frivolous and stupid idea equal?  I’m not sure, maybe you can tell me, or better yet, tell Jennifer Rubin.

Mrs. Rubin, a supposedly conservative writer for the Washington Post, as well as MSNBC, decided that today, December 18th should be declared a holiday – “Impeachment Day.”

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Apparently Rubin had this tweet pinned at one point today, but after all the negative blowback (I assume), she pinned a different tweet.

Twitter reaction to this idiocy is priceless:


Democrats don’t need criminal violations do they? Eye roll…

Is impeachment Trump’s Christmas present from the Democrats?

I can feel the burn from here…

And finally – this gem:

If we can’t fix stupid, we may as well try to enjoy it.

Oh, and GO Trump!

According to CBS News, a vote on the two articles of impeachment against Trump should happen in the House sometime tonight.

H/T Sarah D. – Twitchy

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