5 things to know for February 6: impeachment, coronavirus, 2020 Dems, Lesotho, prison


Here’s what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get “5 Things You Need to Know Today” delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here.)1. ImpeachmentThat’s that. One hundred senators voted on whether to acquit President Trump or remove him from office. The final vote was 52-48 on the abuse of power article and 53-47 on the obstruction of Congress charge. (Remember, it would have taken a supermajority, or 67 Senate votes, to convict him.) The name on everyone’s lips after the vote? Mitt Romney, who became the first senator to vote to remove a President of his own party when he voted to convict Trump on the first article. The trial has now concluded, and Donald Trump, the third American President to be impeached, is in the clear. Of course, there will still be political fallout. Trump is expected to give his first public comments on his acquittal today. And in a sign the dirt-digging is far from over, two GOP senators have asked for Secret Service records on Trump rival Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.2. Coronavirus The number of deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus has spiked in recent days, bringing the total to at least 563. The spread of the disease is starting to cause worry for Tokyo, which will host the Summer Olympic Games in just a few months. The chief executive of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee said there’s concern about not only the spread of the disease but the impact it will have on preparations and enthusiasm leading up to the big event. Virus fears have also softened China’s stance on the US trade war. The country announced it will halve tariffs on $75 billion worth of US imports in an effort to keep its economy stable. There is at least one hopeful development, though: Patients are starting to recover. The first patient in the US was discharged from a hospital this week, and the first patient in Taiwan will be discharged soon.3. 2020 DemsResults from the Iowa caucuses are still rolling in two days after a reporting snafu tied the whole affair up in knots. With 97% of the vote in, Pete Buttigieg maintains an extremely slim lead over Bernie Sanders. Regardless of the final result, the bungled caucuses have already sparked infighting among Democrats. One of Elizabeth Warren’s top aides has accused Buttigieg’s campaign of exploiting a loophole in campaign finance rules to influence the spending decisions of a pro-Buttigieg super PAC. Joe Biden, who will likely settle for a disappointing 4th place finish behind Warren, is now turning a sharper attack on top finishers Buttigieg and Sanders in preparation for the field’s next contest, Tuesday in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee and the Iowa Democratic Party are still pointing fingers as to who, exactly, was responsible for the glitch that led to the delay.4. LesothoThe first lady of Lesotho, Maesaiah Thabane, has been charged with murdering her husband’s former wife. The crime has gripped the mountainous nation, which is completely encompassed by South Africa. Lipolelo Thabane was shot dead outside her home in the capital Maseru just two days before Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s inauguration in 2017. Maesaiah Thabane was first considered a suspect in the crime when she failed to show up for questioning in January in connection with the killing. Thabane is also charged with the attempted murder of a second woman who was with the former first lady the night she was killed. As a result of the escalating situation, Thomas Thabane announced last month that he would resign from office. 5. Mississippi prisonsThe Justice Department will launch an investigation into several Mississippi prisons after a series of inmate deaths and reports of rampant violence, corruption and unsanitary conditions. The most noteworthy institution is Parchman prison, where nine inmates have died in a little more than a month. Several deaths have been attributed to violence or suicide. The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division will investigate the state of mental health care at the facility, as well as its use of isolation. More than two dozen inmates recently filed a lawsuit, with the help of rapper Jay-Z, for an emergency protective order to allow an independent agency to take over the prison’s day-to-day operations.BREAKFAST BROWSEHollywood patriarch and leading man Kirk Douglas has died at 103Farewell to a true “Champion.” A Snow Moon, the first supermoon of 2020, will light up the sky this weekendIf you’re in parts of the world that have been unseasonably warm, you can consider it more of a tepid rain moon. Yarn made from human skin could be used in stitching up wounds Can’t we give this cool scientific breakthrough a less horrifying name than “yarn made from human skin?” Robert Pattinson named ‘most handsome man in the world’Well, he was a sparkly vampire once. Mumbai is testing traffic lights that stay red if you honk your horn Solving traffic and noise problems one brilliantly petty development at a time.TODAY’S QUOTE”He shredded the truth, so I shredded his speech.”House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to someone in the room, explaining to fellow Democrats why she ripped up a copy of Trump’s State of the Union address.TODAY’S NUMBER164That’s how many days of parental leave Finland is giving all new parents under the country’s new family leave policy. TODAY’S WEATHERAND FINALLYWhat secrets does Mars hold? NASA’s Maven spacecraft is exploring Mars’ upper atmosphere, which could hold some secrets about a creepy phenomenon here on Earth: radio interference. (Click here to view.)

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