Inside Story Americas – Canada's 'war on science'


Canadian campaigners say the Conservative government of Stephen Harper is waging a “war on science” through a slow and systematic unravelling of environmental and climate research budgets. How bad is it? Guests: Danielle Droitsch, PJ Partington.



  1. On average, Canadians are just as poorly educated and mentally lazy as Americans. In addition, we Canadians repeatedly elect the most incompetent leaders. I blame this on the Political Parties in Canada. The NDP, The Conservative and Liberal parties are dysfunctional. I know because I have experience inside the parties.    

  2. Part of what is happenning is with the arctic melting the preafrost is thawing and will release large amounts of methane. . I do agree that there can be a debate on policy one should not attack the science that is is backed up by demonstrable evidence. I do not like wearing a saftey harness in certain situations but I would not argue the science of gravity so I would not need to wear one. What one thinks of policy does not mean the science is wrong.

  3. Canadians deserve what they get they voted for the conservatives. I also blame the divided political left in Canada for putting their self ego over the national interest. Blame the NDP and Liberals for being divided and giving the conservatives electoral gains. United strong divided we fall, somehow the political left in Canada cant understand this.

  4. Most Canadians ARE aware and DO care about the destruction of the environment. However, we have a very radical Conservative government which the vast majority of Canadians do like like and did not vote for. This government is destroying our country every possible way they can. Unfortunately, there's nothing that Canadians can do about it.