Titans receiver A.J. Brown on free agent rumors: ‘Who wouldn’t want to play with Tom Brady?’


The NFL world is on the edge of their offseason lounge chairs as we await to see what Tom Brady’s free agent decision will be. The quarterback could find his way back to Foxborough with the New England Patriots, the only professional team he’s ever known, or utilize his unrestricted status to look for greener pastures somewhere across the league. If he elects to go with the latter, one of the teams that have been mentioned as a possible destination for the six-time Super Bowl champion is the Tennessee Titans

I mean, Brady has a FaceTime-level relationship with head coach Mike Vrabel and Tennessee was just in the AFC championship a few months ago, so it would appear like an attractive landing spot. The only question in that potential marriage is fellow soon-to-be free agent quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who was arguably a top-10 quarterback in the NFL upon gaining the starting spot for the Titans in the midst of 2019. 

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday, second-year Titans receiver A.J. Brown did tip his hand in saying that he would like Tannehill back with the club next season, but he also allowed himself to daydream about the possibility of playing with unquestionably the most accomplished and arguably the greatest player to ever step on an NFL field.  

“Of course, we would want Ryan back,” Brown said. “I’ve got chemistry with him already, so, going into Year Two, I feel like it will grow more. Unfortunately, if things don’t go as planned and we get Tom Brady or whatever, like, who wouldn’t want to play with Tom Brady? I’m just going to be honest. 

“He knows how to do it. He’s won Super Bowls, and I really want to be around him. Even if I don’t even play with him, I just want to have a conversation with him and just try to pick his brain and see how he does things. But if we’re fortunate enough to get Tom Brady this year, that would be insane. Regardless of whoever we get, I just want them just to kinda hurry up so I can know who my quarterback will be for this upcoming year.”

The key difference in both Brady and Tannehill’s upcoming free agent statuses is that Tennessee does have the ability to place the franchise tag on Tannehill. They have until Thursday at 4:00 p.m. ET to do so. If they don’t, that could suggest they may be looking elsewhere at quarterback, possibly Brady.

There is a case, however, to be made for the Titans to continue riding with Tannehill. He led them to a 7-3 regular season record as a starter last year while completing 70.3% of his passes for 2,742 yards, 22 touchdowns, and just six interceptions. His 117.5 quarterback rating and 9.6 yards per attempt also led the league. Tannehill is also nearly a decade younger than Brady. 

With all that said, it would be pretty hard for any club to deny Tom Brady, especially if he is giving the green light that he will sign with them. As Brown stated — “Who wouldn’t want to play with Tom Brady?” 

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