Police concerned about virus case


Police today expressed concern over a COVID-19 case in which a 31-year-old male officer preliminarily tested positive for the virus.


The Police Tactical Unit officer, stationed in Kowloon West Region, had no travel history over the past 14 days.  


He felt unwell today and sought medical treatment at a hospital.


In the interest of public health, all officers from the same unit will not conduct duties that require interaction with the public before further assessment and recommendation by the Department of Health.


All officers working in the Police Tactical Unit Kowloon West Operational Base are required to wear masks and everyone entering police stations must have their body temperature measured.


All facilities in the police station and vehicles concerned will be sterilised.


Police will also deploy resources flexibly to ensure emergency services are not affected.


Officers are reminded to pay attention to personal hygiene and reduce social contact to minimise risks of infection, and consult a doctor and report the case if feeling unwell.


Police will continue to maintain close communication with the department and proactively provide information such as the concerned officer’s duty record and roster.


Arrangements will also be made for close contacts to undergo quarantine at quarantine centres.

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