Is the Corona Virus a Bio weapon that got out?


Make no mistake many believe that the corona virus ( Chinese virus) is a bio weapon that got out to the public by some means. If this is so , how it got out is a mystery. An accident, intentional to test the R0 rate ( Ability to infect others) of a developing bio weapon? These are open questions in many peoples minds.

The Chinese virus (Covid-19) is extremely transmittable meaning one person who is infected can likely spread the virus to 2 -3 other people before being incapacitated themselves, if that ever even occurs. How is this aligned with a bioweapon, think of it as a multiplier effect of 2 – 3 explosions going off at different times, but certain to go off. Those 2 -3 people spread to 2-3 more people and before you know it you have what we are currently seeing, exponential growth in transmissions from one to another.

Present and very effective infection control processes used by healthcare professionals to combat MRSA, C.Dif and the seasonal flu are terribly ineffective with the Chinese virus. This is guarded fact! Every county health department dealing with one corona virus case will be dealing with multiple cases soon. This virus is noted as a droplet pathogen but is acting more like a respiratory pathogen as far as transmission. Respiratory pathogens spread more easily than droplet. In no way am I attempting to say anything other than what is obvious to the healthcare community. This virus is more transmittable than the seasonal Flu. Ask any healthcare professional in the mix of this issue and they can tell you this unofficial “known”.

All this goes back to the R0 rate as well as the viral incubation period where the virus replicates and sheds without creating enough viral load to injury the host. ( A very clever virus that has a variance in what appears as it’s infection burden to the host). Well meaning essential staff become infected with this virus and spread to others. Those with a genetic predisposition, excessive load of virus, aged and or elderly are at risk. There will be other cases but this is likely the present insult on populations. So back to the bio-weapon protagonists, If testing a bio weapon this would be a very important aspect as the incubation period appears to increase spread.

Why did China come right out and blame the USA for creating a bio-weapon. Everyone is talking about bats and armadillos and then this curve ball. Seems like a very interesting comment. Are there back channel talks regarding countries bio weapons programs? This is a terribly frightening thought but with certainty man will find and create weapons as it has been done throughout history and essentially write the history others will read. Why when politicians are asked about the lab in Wuhan there is redirection to a fringe topic and then questions go to the next topic (this occurred on the Ingram angle around 4.3.2020 with a public official). Hey to their credit, Fox asked the question, the answer was cryptic from the official.

Lastly, what pathetic career politicians that have given in to greed and power. These politician are beyond stupid and unpatriotic, it is criminal. How did the United States of America find itself in a manufacturing crisis with PPE, Pharmaceuticals, Steel, energy, etc. This mere reason alone completely justifies Term Limits for our politicians. It needs to happen now before countries like China, India, Saudi Arabia and other have a stranglehold on the USA. Today it needs to happen demand it from your State representatives.

This is the moment to make it right with these essential industries, those that oppose immediate change can only be seen as truly anti American. Any Media outlet whom claim to be a Journalistic outlet that is not screaming for this changes is obviously in bed financially with other countries and providing seditious propaganda for them. CNN – The Chinese News Network or Clown News Network, take your choice. My question is with their essentially unpatriotic stance, it is more than obvious to me they derive their revenue from other countries at a greater rate than the USA. The department of Justice should look into this.

update: 11/9/2021

The article I wrote over a year ago seems to hold true for the simple reason that it is derived from a common sense approach. The comcast media reports of a wet market creating a super virus that happens to be:

***** Comcast does own most of the news media NBC, MSNBC and as it owns Time Warner essentially owns CNN as well, fun fact. Your Comcast cable bill supports an agenda of falsehoods aimed at weakening America to support selling Media in China… another fun fact. ******* Cancel comcast here! call  1 (800) 934-6489.

Next to a Chinese virology lab

Chinese government refused to allow a complete inspection of the Wuhan lab

A team member sent to audit the Wuhan Lab is a Dr. Fauci supporter initially found no issues… they simply took the scientists word.. laughable no inspections of empirical value.

Dr Fauci approved gain of function funding ( Come on don’t change the definition of a term Dr. Fauci… pathetic) .

The NIH has formally come out and state the there has been gain of function funding

Dr Rand Paul has been correct in his assessment during the senate hearings and it is as clear as day the US funding of the Wuhan Lab in part created the Chinese Wuhan virus.

I get it, it is terrible to be the one approving the funding of experiments that increase a virus’s ability to be more deadly. However, it is not rationale to ignore the military potential interest in such experiments….. and American career scientists permitted and funded this in a communist country. It is absolutely mind boggling even adult scientists are so far removed from realities of history and life itself.

Americans should demand accountability from Dr Fauci, this administration and immediately stop funding of such experiments in China and elsewhere.

Lastly, I do not need an intelligent animal to be tortured in the name of science. The experiments on dogs and monkeys needs to stop, it is immoral.

Torturing beagles, what a bunch of absolute cold hearted asshole freaks.