Time stops for no man, but there are many proven methods to help people stay younger or younger-looking, from healthy lifestyles to lotions and potions. Here are some of the most successful.

◆ Don’t Smoke and Contain Stress

The best way to slow down the aging process is to stop unhealthy habits. Experts say quitting smoking can add another 10 years to a life, while effectively managing stress can add 16 more years.

◆ Eat Healthy

Eating right makes people healthier, so avoid excesses of starchy, sugary and oily foods, and stay away from fizzy drinks, artificial preservatives, and fish containing high levels of mercury like tuna or shark.

Instead, bulk up on beans, spinach, lettuce and other low-starch foods. Nuts containing Omega-3 fatty acids, clean water and extra-virgin olive oil are also good for your health. But above all eat in moderation.

◆ Exercise Regularly

Steady exercise not only keeps the body slim but also slows down the aging process. According to a study in the U.K., people who engage in intense workouts three hours a week appear nine years younger on average than those who exercise less than 15 minutes.

Also, people who work out for an hour and a half every week can prevent aging by up to four years compared to those who do not exercise. But sudden and excessive workouts can damage joints or strain the heart, so the intensity of workouts should be dialed up slowly.

◆ Keep Brain Active

Stimulating intellectual activities lead to a productive lifestyle after retirement, while various studies showing that higher education has a positive impact on health during people’s twilight years. Even singing favorite tunes while walking can be helpful, and it is a good idea to read a book while riding an exercise bike rather than watching mindless television.

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