A pilot previously given the all-clear for Covid-19 after his return to Hong Kong from London a month ago has tested preliminary positive for the coronavirus during a trip to a local hospital for surgery, according to medical sources.

If confirmed, the infection is likely to raise concerns over further transmission of the disease, with medical sources telling the Post that the man in his 40s came into contact with more than a dozen people at Princess Margaret Hospital, in Kwai Chung.

Because he had tested negative on his return to Hong Kong in April, and then completed his 14-day home quarantine, the man was on an ordinary ward after being admitted on Thursday. A confirmed positive result would take the number of people infected in the city to 1,052.

A medical source called the situation “quite worrying” as the pilot, who had suffered a finger injury, was not isolated on the orthopaedic ward, and came into contact with at least two doctors, three nurses, and more than 10 patients.

“There could be a hospital transmission, and medics as well as patients should be tested and isolated, as the staff only wore surgical masks and did not have N95 respirators or protective gowns on,” the source said.

The man was given a PCR test for Covid-19 before his surgery, and when the result came back positive he was taken to one side of the ward away from other patients, and later transferred to an isolation ward in the infectious disease centre in the hospital for further tests.

Hong Kong reported the first possible hospital transmission of Covid-19 last month when a 93-year-old stroke patient was suspected of contracting coronavirus during his stay at Pok Oi Hospital in Yuen Long.



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