– Rehabilitation plan released


The Labour & Welfare Bureau today released the Persons with Disabilities & Rehabilitation Programme Plan formulated by the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee.


The bureau said the Government accepted in principle the strategic directions and recommendations in the plan, and will follow up on their implementation.


The plan sets out the vision to recognise the diversified developmental needs of people with disabilities, respect their autonomy and independence, and establish a disability inclusive society that enables people with disabilities to develop their capabilities, unleash their potential and contribute to society.


It outlines four strategic directions, underpinned by 20 themes and 62 strategic recommendations.


The bureau said the plan is a “living document” covering the various service needs of people with disabilities at different stages of their lives.


The Government will, taking account of the readiness of individual strategic recommendations, adopt the “implementation as and when ready” approach in implementing the recommendations in the short and medium-to-long terms.


The advisory committee will assist the Government in reviewing the implementation progress in accordance with the four strategic directions and make adjustments as appropriate.


The plan was last updated in 2007. The Chief Executive announced in the 2017 Policy Address that the Government has tasked the advisory committee to formulate a new plan.


The advisory committee has adopted three guiding principles in formulating the new plan, which are abiding by the purpose of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; adopting a life span approach in examining the needs of people with disabilities in different aspects and stages of their lives; and facilitating cross-sectoral and inter-departmental collaboration to establish a disability inclusive society for them.


Three stages of public engagement were carried out between March 2018 and January 2020.


The advisory committee submitted the new plan to the Government in June.

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