Last night I learned some critical information concerning all Americans living in the suburbs. In 1968 Congress passed the Fair Housing Act, this was a good thing for the country. However, In 2015 Obama/Biden through HUD promulgated the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule”.

You can look this up, it is complex and far-reaching and we have to let people know about this. In essence, it takes power away from local communities and places it in the federal government. It places severe restrictions on housing and zoning, it stretches as far to mandate communities will no longer be eligible for Federal money to maintain their roads, bridges, it affects the funding of schools, etc. The combined effect of this rule is the increase in taxes to those suburb residents.

Another of the reasons for this and because of Americans moving from cities to the suburbs thus taking their tax money with them depriving the Democrat-run cities of their tax base. This rule will bring tax money into the Federal government which of course the Democrats hope to control.

The good news, yes there is good news, The President and Ben Carson have done away with this rule, yet another good thing this President has done for Americans that the media fails to report to the citizens. Now back to the bad news of course, if Biden gets elected this rule will come back into effect.

Now let’s clear the air here so we all have a clear understanding of what this election is about. Biden would be President in name only, his policies are not his, they are the policies of the radical left. Decisions will be made by the high money brokers in the background, not Biden, he will just do what he is told. One reason why they want him, he can be controlled, he is the ultimate puppet. Unlike the President who is beholden to no power group leaving him free to enact policies that advance the interests of all Americans.

That’s it, just wanted to make you aware of this so you can spread the word, the left is dangerous and we have to constantly be on guard….be safe and Patriotic.

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