Freedom or Marxism – The Choice Is Yours


Federal agents within the FBI,  Department of Justice, Homeland Security have every right to enforce federal law and order anywhere on U.S. soil. The invitation by President Trump, to provide help in those cites where things have gotten out of control, continues to be ignored. The misrepresentation of this, by both the media and politicians, is merely an effort by them to minimize what is actually happening in their cities and states.

Antifa and other groups have been free to burn like wild fire in cities and states across the country.  These radicals have absolutely no right to speak for the entire country, or make demands, and yet the turmoil they inflict continues unchallenged.

Antifa’s actions represent a hard break with the long tradition of a peaceful political process in the United States,” said former National Security Council staff member Rich Higgins. “Their Marxist ideology seeks not only to influence elections in the short term but to destroy the use of elections as the determining factor in political legitimacy.”

The common goal these radicals share is to remove all law enforcement from our country. This is important to understand because if they accomplish this, there will be no one in the way to stop them.  They want to defund the military and the Pentagon. Their demands also include open borders. They have plotted an anti-government insurgency which began long before George Floyd. They want to destroy our current system of government and create one of their own. Their marxist ideology has many democrat supporters. The teachers union of Los Angeles, CA has also joined forces with them.

You would think the Teachers Union would be in support of education, rather they are making demands of their own. What they want has nothing to do with with teaching as such they are holding the educational system hostage. They want Medicare for everyone, a ban on all charter schools, and they want to defund the police.

Politicians, rioters and now the Teachers Union are all vocal about their anti Trump, anti American propaganda.  They seem to despise all that America stands for and what to transform it. Their movement to strip everything from America, including religion, moves forward unchallenged. The media continues to remain silent about all attacks on churches and religious statues. They minimize what is actually going on across the nation.  Covid is used to deny you your right to worship, your right to freedom, while destroying small businesses. Polls are continually fabricated or misleading. The common theme across America is to keep you home, afraid and without hope and with fear comes control.

The common narrative that is being relayed by politicians and media alike is that protesters are peaceful people who are exercising their first amendment rights. They insist the rioters are doing nothing wrong and claim they are standing up against oppression but being harassed by federal agents.  What they fail to understand or acknowledge is: their first amendment rights ended with the first sign of violence.

The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Democrats ignoring this are tyrannical. The rioters have forfeited their rights months ago; they are criminals, nothing more.

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These self righteous left-wing radicals, including Nancy Pelosi, have commonly referred to federal law enforcement agents as the secret police, storm troopers, nazis, the military, and other derogatory, misleading statements. They side with the anarchists groups who are trying to take over the country and push their extreme left agenda. What these imbeciles fail to acknowledge is the oath they took to protect their citizens from all attacks, foreign or domestic.  While politicians continue to implement their cavalier, unsolicited opinions, rather then enforcing the law, cities are literally going up in smoke while anarchists retained power, destroy businesses, property, commit state and federal crimes and hold citizens hostage.

These same politicians, all of which are democrats, refer to everyone who disagrees with them as “racists“ accompanied by other derogatory words. Law abiding citizens who act well within their constitutional rights are now being arrested, giving fines or charged with crimes.  The real criminals remain free to partake in the revolving door system put in place by the liberal left.

We are treading in dangerous waters. The cancel culture is far more destructive then what is being portrayed.  They are a higher threat to America then what is being portrayed. They are extremely violent anarchists who will stop at nothing to push their agenda.

It is illegal to protest outside someone’s personal residence, however this is happening across the country.  They are using  intimidation tactics, criminal behavior and disruption to control the country, all with the support of the democrats.

The Cancel Culture wants to “cancel” you and along with your constitutional rights.  This is what happened in St. Louis, MO where DA Kim Gardner illegally and unconstitutionally, confiscated guns from law abiding citizens: Mr. And Mrs. McCloskey and then proceed to charge them with a crime.

In a bazaar, almost comical twist the ACLU is filing a lawsuit, against the Trump administration stating,

Federal agents are terrorizing the community, threatening lives, and relentlessly attacking protesters demonstrating against police brutality. This is not law and order. This is lawlessness — and it must be stopped.

Organizations like the ACLU should have a firm grasp on constitutional rights, freedom, and so on. The law of the land protects citizens from criminals and not the other way around. Misrepresentation of the facts, along with distortion of the truth, are no longer ironic they are treacherous.

In Chicago, murders and violent crime continues to rise.  A three year old was shot and killed. Rather then focus on the safety and well being of her city Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) asked her constituents to spy on federal agents and report them  “if they see something that doesn’t look right.”  Violence there continues to spread as innocent people are injured or murdered. Rioters made their way to Mayor Lightfoot’s home early last Sunday morning after a night of violence Saturday, July 18.

In Portland, Oregon, Mayor, Ted Wheeler, (D) continues to allow violent criminal behavior every night.  Mr. Wheeler, along with others, lie about the violence while showing sympathy and support to anarchists. Mr. Wheeler got a dose of realty Wednesday, July 22.  Protesters shouted profanities at him and chanted, “Tear gas Ted has got to go.” Later on when he would not commit to abolishing the police they began yelling, cussing and then warned him, “your house is next.”  Meanwhile Mr.Wheeler still seems to be siding with the rioters.

Anarchists rallied outside the private residence of DHS Secretary, Chris Wolf over the weekend. The extent of what they are capable of is horrific. They publish private information over the internet. They continue to use intimidation tactics against officers and their families or anyone who stands up to them.

Riots in Colorado have also grown out of control. The same tactics you see elsewhere are implemented in a growing number of cities. These dangerous ploys are not only supported by democrats they are encouraged.

In 1908 anarchism became a huge concern in America. The goals of the violent Marxist’s then were to destroy capitalism and overthrow the government with any means necessary. These Anarchists believed the government was both oppressive and repressive. They instituted attacks on everyone from police to priests to politicians. They were actually the equivalent of the very first modern day terrorists.  They had world wide connections and were motivated by hatred. As a result of the growing violence, and under the direction of Teddy Roosevelt, the FBI and other Federal Agencies were established.

It is not difficult to see the contrast between 1908 and our current situation.  The ideology of the Marxist/Socialist regimen is to transform American. At this point it should be abundantly clear that no one is safe from them. It is critical if our nation is to survive that we instill law and order. Turning a blind eye is what sparks the fire that grows and spreads  across America. This violence should have been stomped out immediately with the first signs of violence. Instead it was allowed to continue under the disguise of a civil rights movement and then allowed to grow into what you see before you today.

President Trump has announced the implementation of operation LeGend. Operation LeGend is named after LeGend Taliferro, a 4 years old from Kansas City, MO who was shot and killed while he was sleeping. (June 2020)

Under Operation LeGend the president will use federal law enforcement agents to aide and work along side of city and state officials. By working together they  will attempt to reclaim their cities, even while be being subjected to the ongoing leftest agenda, but they will try to  instill law and order. Many of these Democrat politicians still are refusing this help across the country, why? None of the Democrats have expressed any sympathy to the growing number of law enforcement officers who have been injured during these riots.

Finally we need add:

Our hearts go out to all the families, to all law enforcement officers and federal agents, east coast to west coast who have been injured or lost a love one as a result of all this violence.

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