Author and Hill Opinion Contributor, Daniel Allott, discusses his new book, ‘On the Road in Trump’s America: A Journey into the Heart Divided Nation’.

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  1. This guy gets it. The "Experts" that constantly criticize Trump and by extention the cultural issues that got him elected are seen merely as self interested grifters and shills. So no amount of scandal or criticism from the media or left matters. Its all assumed to be lies and exaggerations for someones personal gain.

  2. There you have it, "They're culturally conservativity, pro police and were frustrated that Obama not them, couldn't get more done on race relations" Who was it in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and elsewhere in control of both state government and then both houses of the federal government; say it with me Republicans. Who they voted for and wondered why nothing got done to improve thier lives when Republicans blocked practically everything Obama tried to do after 2010. Stop pandering to these people, they chose the outcomes both electorally and personally. Take it from someone who grew up in rural PA the medias not wrong on how racists and dumb these types of voters really are.

  3. Not American and wouldn't care who won but I like betting and around my circle's people are favouring Trump for several reasons one being a city in China called Yiwu where most election trinkets are produced. There it seems there is a high demand for Trump trinkets. Second because of a very disappointed generation that will likely not vote etc etc. In short I am betting Trump might just pull it off again.

  4. It’s interesting that Krystal did this interview. His reporting is the antithesis of so many of the “polls” that she gleefully brings as “evidence” that Trump “will lose”.
    I have said, since Bernie Sanders started getting some of the limelight earlier this year, that Krystal has given up being a “Journalist” in favor of becoming that which she spent so much time criticizing just one year ago. It was very nice to see her act like a journalist once again for this interview, and refrain from coloring it with her hatred of Trump.

  5. The Democratic establishment doesn’t even seem to have a clue as to how elitist, snobbish and classist they appear to many people.

    I certainly feel that I was tricked by Obama. He ran as a progressive but he definitely did not govern that way. He governed as a snob!

  6. We do get how the polls shook out in 2016. A minority of voters won the presidency due to the electoral college. Hillary ran a flawed campaign in many respects and ran around like the thing was in the bag. She also seemed to ignore how much disdain many people have for her. The trump campaign capitlaized on social media, idiocy and misogyny.
    What is hard to understand is why this vid is any more revealing than any other video the krys and saag put out about the same topic and the do about one a week.

  7. "conservative on racial issues, on support for law enforcement, on abortion, on immigration, on guns" So, yes, the people who politically need to be opposed. Engagement with conservatives needs to begin immediately, not right before an election. You can't have a single conversation with someone right before an election and expect them to change their world view before they step into the voting booth.

  8. It's not about the left having a progressive agenda…it's really about conservative social issues, since trump didn't do anything for them economically…unless they're wealthy. As long as trump keeps delivering conservative social issues and conservative justices to our courts, they'll support him…even if it means destroying the economy and the country.

  9. At 2:37. “The Democratic party has moved too far to the Left” WTF? That, my friend, is the power of the RW corporate conservative media, who frame the debate and set the narrative 24/7 without any pushback, filter or challenge. Obama actually moved this country further to the Right as the corporatist Dems have been marching rightward for decades!!!

    Obama governed as moderate GOP. He admitted as such!! How can they consider him Leftwing?? Because the spineless, clueless, rubberstamping, corporate capitulating Dems let the GOP/ conservative define who they are 24/7. This is what they want people to perceive even though its 180 degrees wrong!

    Obama was a proud corporatist and he pushed RW/ Neo-Liberal policies like Obamacare, Patriot Act/NDAA, Wall St Bailouts, renewed the Bush Tax Cuts, went from 2 to 7 endless trillion dollar wars, TPP, increased drone strikes, went after whistleblowers, didn't indict or incarcerate any CEOs from the Wall St debacle, wanted to scale back SS/ Medicare etc… He had very little Progressive policies… He was a willing pawn of the GOP and the corporatists… He was a Trojan horse for his GOP/ corporate enablers… What a bleeping failure!
    "Hope and change", my arse!!

    Obama was no liberal, but since the Dems are 90-95% conservatives, what do you expect.

    We need a 3rd party ASAP!!!

    How powerful is the RW corporate conservative media? Read below!!

    Why won’t people accept the fact our POTUS and the GOP/ conservatives are unmitigated grifters, frauds and liars!

    Because the corporate conservative and the radical RW media have allowed King Trumpo and his sycophants to politicize the hell out of our economy/ institutions with little filter, pushback or challenge!! Instead, they amplify his 24/7 RW lies, talking points, propaganda, misinformation and talking points!

    The GOP/ radical conservatives sow the seeds of misinformation, violence, hate, division and exploit racial/ economic/ social faults/injustices and dog whistles to gin up King Trumpo’s MAGA base. Gullible, duped people actually believe this BS because of the power of the RW media!

    • a peaceful march turns into a crime spree with looters and nonstop violence. Blame ANTIFA even though they are not a movement or an organization like extreme RW militias and White Supremacists

    • our government is the “problem” and must be drown in a bathtub. Yet, when it comes to the same government wasting trillions of dollar — on endless wars, Wall St Bailouts and tax cuts/ tax subsidies for the wealthy elites/corporations, nothing but crickets!!!

    • all Dems are “socialists” who want to take away your guns and tax you to death unlike those “borrow and spend” GOP who blow up the Debt/ Deficit every time they are in office

    • all Dems are “libruls” even though 95% are actually Neo-Liberal, corporate conservatives who rubber-stamp GOP policies in a heartbeat

    • immigrants will take away your jobs, mooch off our government and are “deadly” criminals

    • only “they” can protect you from all this chaos/ carnage (they cause), but since all we have is RW/ corporate conservative media, you will never get the whole truth! Heaven’s Gate are amateurs compared to these people!

    • Austerity, fiscal responsibility and deficit hawks only come out of the woodwork when we have a Dem POTUS but conveniently disappear when we have a GOP POTUS

    • facts, science and history are for “sissies” while they are spun out of existence. Everything is a fact free zone! Anything goes, Baby!!

    • far-right extremists are lionized, defended and never criticized

    • privatization, “free market”, laissez-faire, trickle-down BS are core principles/ solutions to every damn problem except when they aren’t which is 99% of the time! When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!!

    • lastly, all problems are “your” problems. Your failures and shortcomings are “your” fault so expect no help from us. Only “losers” can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps

    How can all this RW ideology and BS become mainstream??

    Let me simplify it…. Really, it’s very simple….

    Politics is all about controlling people’s perceptions by creating a 24/7 mirage — by framing the debate and setting the narratives. Once the slimy, scheming GOP control people’s perceptions, they control their stink’in behavior. Perception turns into gospel and then becomes reality.

    Repeat after me. The corporate conservative media is most powerful weapon anyone can possess outside a Nuke and the GOP/ conservatives are masters at controlling every last one of them! The bias, shallow, corrupt, lazy media carries the 24/7 water for the GOP/ conservatives by repeating, amplifying, legitimizing and enabling their ideology and policies. Therefore, he who controls corporate conservative media wins!! The sycophantic corporate conservative media goes along for the ratings, access, eyeballs and sensationalism, baby!! Everyone is fighting for those damn conservative viewers! Truth, journalism, facts, history and science be damned! That’s “Not” their stink’in problem, but yours!!!

    There is no “real” opposition to RW media. This well-oiled machine is the only force with all the money and an active army of hacks, pundits, shills, stooges and sycophants, who dominate hundreds of media outlets! They can reach/ inform, penetrate and control, um brainwash, their Kool-Aid zombies in real time with whatever lies, propaganda, talking points and misinformation/ disinformation they dream up no matter where their audience is. But the coup de grâce, is using said media to relentlessly demonize, attack, smear, lie, gaslight, scapegoat and destroy any and all opponents. They put North Korea state news to shame!!!

    Add in the 24/7 talking heads, newspapers/ print, radio stations, think tanks, billionaires, ALEC, and the 800lb gorilla in Faux News and they have no bleeping peers. Without any competition and no opponents to challenge, call-out or push-back their BS/ agendas, they win all the time!! They move the goal posts at will and no one is the wiser!! This is why the Dems sold their souls, stopped fighting and concede the debate 99.99% of the time. They know they will get crushed in a heart-beat, so they stopped trying which is why our country has moved soooooooo far Right over the last 40+ years!! They don’t even pretend to put up any resistance anymore. Pathetic!!!

    When you hear of both morally bankrupt sides working together, they are actually screwing us over even more. Doing anything for the “working/ middle class“ is nothing but a pipe dream. Inaction and obstruction is now a SOP feature of our corrupt political system! But when it comes to blowing-up the Debt/ deficit then there’s breathtaking partisanship up the wahzoo! Socialism (corporate welfare)/ crony capitalism for the wealthy elites/ corporations, and rugged individualism/ laissez faire for everyone else!!! Privatize the gains, socialize the costs!! Ain’t America great!!! Screw the people!

    For 40+ years the GOP/ conservatives have enacted their policies (endless wars, bloated military, MIC, tax cuts for corporations/ wealthy elites, tax loop holes/ tax havens/ tax subsidies, deregulating everything in sight, gutting/ underfunding government programs and agencies, Wall St Bailouts, and corporate welfare) with help from the spineless, rubber-stamping, clueless, foxhole, corporate capitulating Dems, who “Stand for Nothing and Fight for less”. Any yet, the GOP/ conservatives give nothing but lip service to their clueless, ignorant base, who just want to bash/ own the “libs”, but get absolutely nothing in return!! The rich-get-richer while the shrinking middle/ working class gets screwed!! We end up with the 1% “haves” and the 99% “have-nots”!!

    This is why our nation is now a 2-bit, 3rd world nation.

    • We need a viable 3rd Party — ASAP!!

    • We need to build a populist news network that calls out these corporatist conservatives and everything they stand for! Only then can we elect people that actually represent us!! Duped people, who drink the daily corporate conservative, Neo-Liberal Kool-Aid, will keep voting the same bozos every 2-4 years. As everyone can plainly see, our voting system is a bleeping joke and that’s a feature in this failed Democracy not a bug!!

    You Reap what you Sow!!

  10. Finally, you brought someone who understands what is truly going on to the show.
    Someone who sees what is happening. I am just waiting to laugh at you and Saagar when Trump wins. The 2 of you are part of the Washington blinders. Biden will be surprised just like Hillary after Nov.3rd. He won't know what hit him.

  11. So according to this guy it’s the Obama- Biden administration that created the huge gap and divide between parties and that’s something that needs to be considered since Biden could be elected and that could mean destruction of America