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  1. People are sick of do-nothing politicians and corruption, they hate 'a rigged deck' as the one guy put it and want a real fair election. The democrats are working to undo the last election and fight like hell against any kind of voter ID and secure election process, because they plan to cheat and need to cheat to win and they know it!

    Trump has problems but you know where he stands and he isn't afraid to speak his mind, he did a great job on the economy and has numerous foreign policy wins too. Call the man all the names and label him whatever you want, that crap doesn't work anymore because we've heard it all before and we're sick of it.

  2. The american people can NEVER TRUST Joe biden. He has always been a liar. Do your research. He lies when he has no reason to. Why did he tell people he finished law school at the top of his class? Why did he tell people he had several degrees and finished at the top of his class? He just cant tell the truth.

  3. I love this channel and all but, for the love of god change your icon and little avatar. Its reeks 2013. “Take a look around my channel, learn someone the government doesn’t want you to know. We are anonymous we never forget, we never forgive.” The whole “doomer” Portrayal I’m sure turns a lot of open minded people off. Like oh he’s one of those conspiracy youtubers.

  4. Just go on! You're doing a fantastic job. Never give up…! It's not just you getting persecuted from the net..
    All the sane and normal people is suffering… TRUMP is going to win for sure in 2020 and I'm also sure things will be better than..
    TRUMP 2024