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  1. As a practicing non neuroscientist, non psychiatrist and non behavioral scientist I can state definitely that Hidin Biden is suffering from an advanced form of mania in that he cannot tell the truth because decades of deliberate lying have totally eroded his ability to comprehend reality.

  2. You'll be ok liberal hivemind just keep exposing the demonrats and hopefully everything will resume along the great plan. We as the human race need to go into space more, I cannot express how happy I was when Trump was promoting space travel and the possibility of having a base on the moon. It's about time.

  3. Joe Biden is not a modern Democrat. Neither is Kamala. They are "Old" Dems. A lot of what stands in the balance is whether the people they are trying to tuck down with, will buy that they are really on board with their view. If you have an ideology of "revolution" toward state-run changes…you annoy them. They have been working on this for some time. And your boisterous nonsense many times gets in the way of actually DOING shit. Which I commend them on their patience. But not only that. Biden does remember a time when you didn't question stuff, and was able for 40+ years to slide stuff toward your goal (whilst making real money). You progressives think you are at an exciting time where you can commit violence and get away. Violence in defense is buried…you are almost correct! But, in my opinion, you blew your fancy too early, (as usual). You want to simultaneously hate the ruling class, whilst at the same time see it as a, "necessary comrade," of the cause. Guess what? The perceived "voices of the powerless" ARE relative. Same with "republicans." YOU don't matter. Hence, we should begin with Trump, and get more people like you and I into office. That's how all of this was intended. BUT! If you have a problem new ideas being elected?…this is not the country for you. And you have every avenue to move elsewhere. And any rational person would see ZERO reason why you'd not end your mental and physical fatigue by leaving a hell-hole.

  4. Joe Biden Hates Kamala Harris he Hates America. I don’t understand these old people Nancy pelosi, Kamala , joe and Bernie. There should be an age limit. Retirement. Go take your money and enjoy your grandchildren. You already lost out on watching your children grow up. Just go enjoy all the money you swindled. Ffs

  5. Joe Biden isn't going to be the president. No matter what happens…win or lose he will not be the president. Nancy Pelosi has made sure that Kamala Harris will be the president if Biden's campaign is successful.

    Furthermore, the leftist caller shows how absolutely vile they truly are. They do not care who lies, cheats, and steals for their cause. These "people" will so anything to destroy the most equitable country in the world for communism. We must decimate them at the polls and be ready to fight should the need arise.

    No matter how many times you attempt to censor me I will continue. You will not silence me as I will never stop! I sincerely hope that Trump wins and he takes your corporatist leftist company apart piece by piece.

  6. Joe>>> you have to vote for me and then I will tell you what I am going to do.
    They also said Hill should not have told people what she was going to do >>>she should have waited until after the election (when she got in OFFICER) >>>that is why she lost>>they said.

  7. The Far Left: "Trump is a LIAR and should never be trusted!"

    The Far Left: " Biden is saying what needs to be said to get the Moderate vote, I get that and am ok with it."

    .. Admitting to being fine with tilting votes to the person you want by way of: force, intimidation, violence, treachery, shaming and all out warfare and murder is perfectly fine though.

    Sighs and continues to watch the shit show

    Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger will turn out to be a real T-800 and clean it all while Trump turns inot the Emperor of Mankind from Warhammer 40k because the far left apparently want it.

    .. Er, crazy rant.

  8. Saw the most beautiful sight, I counted 20, but several had already gone through the light. Because of where we was in line couldn't tell where they were going or how many trucks and SUVs flying old glory, support the blue and Trump/Pence flags. Nice big flags. That's a lot for the Rio Grande Valley TX which is 90% Hispanic and has always voted blue.