President Trump slammed Kamala Harris during a campaign rally in North Carolina on Saturday.



  1. biden ANSWER DEBATE?s Biden. #1 lie fracking, close down oil industry. Millions jobs would be eliminated 322,600 in Pennsylvania alone supported by natural gas & oil would be lost in Pennsylvania alone between 6-10% of the entire workforce in America would be lost Energy cost would skyrocket bring America to its knees China-Russia-Ukraine Would own oil industry Abolition fossil fuels bidens-Green New Deal.  Insurance up 200% & millions lost their plans & doctors 4 obama care. 3/18/20 Biden states to President Trump on quarantine (stop the xenophobic fear mongering be honest take responsibility and do your job) no travel ban. Biden lied about his academic credentials.  On debate imigration (kids in the cages) blames-Trump Was the Obama/Biden administration that built the cages. PICTURES DON’T LIE! Millions of dollars made from Russia Ukraine China by the Obama/Biden. Narrator interrupted Trump 30 times & Biden 2Xs We the people need to SEEK TRUTH n B intelligent & see what’s really going on. Poll showing 56% Americans do not believe Biden can do a full-term & Kamala would be president. KH Is an extreme far left this would devastate America. BLK Americans N her own family members will testify of her narcissistic/social path character.