Trump Sealed The Deal in Tonight’s debate



  1. How about when Joe said the reason things didn’t get done was because he was VP. Umm hey ass you are sending Obama out there running rally. Joe threw obama under the bus. lol! I feel like it was racist sending Obama to Philadelphia. Why not u joe? Delaware Philadelphia Pretty Damn close so why couldn’t Joe come out of basement? oh I see Joe send Obama to Philly for Black American votes. Hey Joe Obama didn’t do shit for anyone let alone black American communities. Smh.

  2. Governor Murphy of New Jersey just raise our minimal wage to 15. Even tho it was raised the first year Trump was in office it’s just that states had few years to slowly raise you up $1. a years not to kill small business. Murderer Murphy only did it so he could raise Taxes! gas prices up to three dollars a gallon our tolls went up $.95. Murphy also legalizing marijuana. I don’t understand why people are always like they’re going to be homeless. Trump signed legislation NO evictions until further notice. So it’s against the law to push anyone out of their home, renter or mortgage holders! Everything Biden said he. Would do for Covid Trump already did! Unfortunately I do not trust the Democrat party. I’m Very happy that finally Republican are not just sitting and watching what the Dems have done in the pass! Finally Republican with balls!!

  3. Fox News needs to hear this!! I've seen you appear. Why cant you say these things when you go on live TV?? WE NEED TO GET THIS TRUTH OUT to all the brainwashed mainstream sheep. This video is Tue nest one of your yet. I am so frustrated with how many people are so naive to COMMON SENSE. How are so many American people not standing up for REALITY?? I WANNA HELP AND DONT KNOW HOW besides arguing pointless arguments with blind sheep.