Big technology companies are using the COVID-19 tragedy to increase their power over the American population. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. <<< Opinions of 10-18 y/o Matter >>> Unable to vote, they harbor less interest in election-politics per se, more in SPREADING C-VIRUS-FEAR the U.S. main media blames the US-President for "failure" to curb its largest world numbers of pandemic deaths. <<>> HOWEVER <<>> FIRST, U.S. world's largest pandemic deaths number only reflects its LARGE POPULATION SIZE. <<>> SECOND, data published by World Bank, World Health Organization, [WHO], Johns Hopkins University and RealClearPolitics on how well the US and 30 NATIONS fight the common, global evil, tell another story, in %, of ACTUAL, C-VIRUS FATALITIES in all nations <> E.G.: U.S. 2.7; Germany 2.7; Swtzrlnd 2.8; NL 2.9; AU 3.3; Spain 3.4; Irlnd 3.8; France 3.8; Canda 4.9; Blgm 4.9; China 5.4; Iran 5.7; Swdn 5.7; UK 6.1; Italy 9.0; Mxco 10.1; Group 2: Singpor 0.05; Curacao 0.14; Icelnd 0.28; Mldivs 0.33; Fr-Plyns 0.37; Bahrain 0.38; Dubai 0.41; Caymn-Ilnd 0.43; Lchtnstn 0.45; Israel 0.73; Aruba 0.79; Mnco 0.77, Czch 0.84; NZ 1.33; JP 1.80. Group 2 reflects High Nursing-Caring-Health Care, Tight Borders, Reduced-Big-Drug/Food-Co-dominance, etc. [RestrictedReportSpace/JHU/PITT-U prof/'in'/Utube/1M+Google_citations/Amazon/10.18.20]

  2. My mother had mild flu symptoms and 5 days ago went to Kaiser to get tested for COVID. it was negative but they put her as positive because they “believed” she could come down with it. She was livid and asked them to change it to negative and they wouldn’t. We are not being given the Truth.

  3. Ya know…ive considered and would not AT ALL be surprised if in years to come we find out, democrats in collusion with china engineered the entire coronavirus pandemic as a drastic/desperate means to severely effect trumps chances at reelection. I live near Seattle Washington and i heard constantly from ignorant colleagues whom watch fake news how there are thousands of deaths daily, millions affected, yet…i dont know anyone/have even hears of anyone having it. My mom is a high level nurse at a local hospital and at the time (july) the hospital had dedicated an entire wing to coronavirus yet there was not 1 patient there n hadnt been one in over a week…I believe coronavirus is real BUT i think its a very cleverly/engineered scheme to cause a global panic where in the political leaders are given the opportunity to control its citizens n all the opportunities that brings to eliminate trump supporters from supporting trump. Examples, democrats tried to prevent Trump/the country from reacting to CV in beginning, despite expecting the rest of us to social distance/stay home/be safe, BLM/ANTIFA are allowed total freedom to VIOLENTLY protest.

  4. If Galileo Galilei lived today, he would be banned and cancelled before his discovery of the real structure of the Solar System would reach the public. What the bigoted medieval Church could not manage to censor, today is possible and DONE by tech platforms like this.