Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said on Saturday that she will vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on Monday, despite objections to taking up the nomination before the Nov. 3 election.




  1. Only RBG was responsible for all this mess, she can retired on 2016, and decide not to do so, now the democrats have made an issue on something that if they were the majority in the senate and the white house be 100% sure they will be doing the same. Dont be hipocrite. They waste time on someone well qualify to be an associate justice because she can overturn womans rights. But sont care about the millions of americans that are struggle to buy food and pay there bills, bacause mummy Pelosi and puppet Schummer are playing politic and want President Trump out of the white house. They are in for a big disappontment.

  2. Outstanding! Every once in awhile you get to see someone with just a little principle remaining. having been in a position before where I had to choose principal over popularity, I know the feeling. I know I walked away feeling proud, and knew better relationships were formed because of it. The relationships I lost in the end meant nothing. The new ones however, those who admired principles, meant everything

  3. I'm not surprised. All the Republicans are in Trump's pocket to the point they'll confirm a judge with no respect for the Amendments Congress has passed and ratified.
    There is a Latin saying about silence giving consent ("Qui tacet consentire videtur"). Amy Coney Barrett did not defend or uphold the 19th Amendment when asked if the president could unilaterally deny women the right to vote. Watch the SCOTUS defy the 11th Amendment and support Trump suing the state of New York.