President Trump spoke to reporters upon arriving in Ohio on Saturday.



  1. Actually, people are tired of conservatives trying to act like the actions of a handful of kids dictate the ethos of an entire generation. We aren't tired of a few broken windows. Nothing matters less. The conservative platform is built entirely from lies.I mean, Donald Trump is your president. He told you he is a liar, and you said ok, cool.

  2. (believer or not), "THE FINAL JUDGEMENT," is at hand, know that what you choose and accept for your spirit (including your actions in the carnal), will be your eternal fate… You must be very cautious how you choose to live from here on out!
    Please there are no lukewarm heavenly bodies in Heaven!!!
    Choose now, in your heart and spirit, righteousness or evil?!!

  3. He and his people should understand that if there is no spread of the virus, with the testing, They should get negative… So the positive cases are high because of there is a fast spread of the virus… no matter there are test or not it spreads… stop the spreading then do the same number of testing, if then the positive number is low… then you did a good job…

  4. Also what he does not understand is that the moron's who show up to his crowds are the same loser's that voted for him in 2016! He does not have a bigger following this time around! He can try to convince his small minded follower's that he is doing well, but he will not convince the American's that actually have a brain! I swear his voting base is the Karen's of the world!