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  1. Even though Biden has no people at rallies and blew the last debate badly…
    The ballot harvesting, illegal immigrant votes, people counting votes chunking republican votes and adding democrat votes and massive mail in voter fraud!
    Biden might win because of this! Our turn out will have to be enormous to beat the crooked democrats voter fraud!
    The democrats very existence is on this election and there's nothing crooked they won't pull to save this lawless crooked political party!
    Biden is the liar of liars just like a democRAT! Every single democrat I know where I live is voting Trump, their sick of the lawless democRATs, their MSM gaslighting propaganda machine of lies 24/7, the anti freespeech anti American social media companies and Biden's insane tax plan to line the pockets of DC District of Criminals!
    Without voter fraud the democRATs couldn't win a national election even if hell froze over…