Say hello to the latest addition to the global family of nations: the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, formerly known as downtown Seattle. Radio show host Jason Rantz weighs in on CHAZ. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. It’s interesting how instead of understanding BLM truly. We condemn the meaning of it due the riots. Why not really look at it and think why are black people still at the worst end of the spectrum and ignored not just in the USA but across the world. It’s crazy how every race feels superior to black people no matter the culture.

  2. If democracy looks like a riot you would be correct, freaking morons. I bet not one of those idiots could even give you a coherent definition of what the word even means. This actually looks more like children who've been let loose in a candy store with no restrictions. They will take all the candy they can then eat as much as they can all at once then throw up uncontrollably. Once they recover, they'll do it all over again without learning a thing.

  3. Fox News propagandists always mislead their audience about Democrats and wouldn't/couldn't give a true explaination of Democrats simply because they want you to hate/fear Democrats because their business plan is to promote the right wing agenda, whatever that may be in attempt to keep Republicans in power, and frankly, they clearly have no insight to understanding what Democrats think. It's easy to paint your opponent as something negative and Republicans have always been best at that. Notice the ads by Republican operative groups like The Lincoln Project, and Republican voters against Trump. Their ads are tougher than Democrats ads ever have been because that how Republicans fight, low down and dirty. But ask yourself, why are so many Republican groups against Trump? And Vote Vets, I've never seen so many groups of the same party in power against the president, or vets and military against a Republican president. Why do you suppose that is?

  4. To come out that Nadler guy from Congress must have extra pair of testicles in his pants to come out in question Bill bar the way he did and the rest of them about what's going on and he shouldn't be interfering with the cities with the pounds that's ridiculous that's his job they should be arresting people that are looting not people that are that are peacefully