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  1. Interesting to look at Cuomo while Don Lemon is explaining the problem of racism in America. Obviously if the racism and sexism are such a serious problem then Cuomo has either benefited from white privilege and maybe even benefited from systemic racism. and there is Cuomo with a stoic expression on his face, he is laughable.

  2. Wow the message of the clemency guy is heartbreaking. Loved to see and hear that.
    And I feel deeply, that Trump genuinely cares about doing something good.
    Wether it is for the history books or for God or for being loved or all things together that I might not even imagine would play a role.
    The message to that guy, that he is receiving forgiveness and it is all okay (and he is not some weird killer dude but a guy who did take a wrong path) – it is such a hopeful message to anyone who feels like you are unforgiven or beyond redemption. Very very strong.

  3. #Biden & #Trump, the #Demoncraps & #Repugnicants, are all right – rightWING. I.e. they all work for the rich exploiter class, harming us working class people.

    Do you want the #USA to become a friendly country, where everyone's life is valued and everyone enjoys a decent standard of living? That won't happen until you do something that stops the profits of the capitalist ruling class and thus forces them to do what you want, e.g. by organising a huge campaign of civil disobedience like the one that forced the U.S. govt to end the Vietnam War. So please join us in building the #GeneralStrike, like how the people of #France saved their old age pensions in January 2020:

    Please sign & #share:

    An interview about direct action:

    This link has 8 videos on how to build the #GeneralStrike2020:

    Interactive map showing current strikes in the #USA:

    #NeverTrump #Medicare4All #Homes4All #FreeCollege #GreenNewDeal #JobsNotWar #RaiseTheMinimumWage #BlackLivesMatter #HumanRights #WorkersRights #WorkersStrike #RentStrike #NotDying4WallSt #NotDying4WallStreet #NotDyingForWallStreet #WorkersOfTheWorldUnite!!!

  4. Exactly! I'm Asian and hate the "have pity on Asians" commercial too!! They don't represent Asians!! Asians HATE to get pity!! We have dignity and if there's any bad experience, our way of "revenge" is work hard to become successful and show them how happy we are and what we can achieve! That commercial makes me sick! If you personaly had a bad experience because of your race, I'm sorry for that. But that has nothing to do with other Asians! And again it's almost an insult to Asian culture, especialy to the ppl who actually went through real hard times and yet they did not ask for pity and show their pride and dignity.