“Department stores — they wouldn’t use the word ‘merry Christmas’ … now they’re all saying merry Christmas again.”

At a campaign rally in North Carolina on Saturday, President Trump spoke about how department stores are saying ‘merry Christmas’ because he is president.



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  2. Lol…this won't be a popular comment. 😉
    The "Merry Christmas" controversy always makes me shake my head at the ridiculousness and selfishness of others.

    Where I was raised, in the suburbs of Detroit, we had a large Jewish community.
    At my high school I had a number of friends who were Jewish…I wouldn't wish them a Merry Christmas because they didn't celebrate Christmas. I wished them a Happy Chanukah.
    It would have felt weird to say, "Hey Beth…I hope your family has a great Christmas" knowing full well she didn't celebrate Christmas.
    Why would I wish them merry on a celebration they didn't celebrate? It didn't make sense to me. So I would wish he happy on what she did celebrate, Chanukah.
    When I got a part time job during that time, I would ALWAYS wish customers a Happy Holidays because I didn't know which festival they celebrated and didn't want to offend anyone.
    It was never about "political correctness" it was about being polite. And it was good business, especially for the area I lived in.
    It was never about any "war on Christmas" b.s., it was just about good manners.

    Unfortunately today, saying Happy Holidays is seen as a slight. As some sort of attack.
    I'm sure there have been businesses that prefer you say Happy Holidays for the same reason I did, but unfortunately some Christians can't see it for what it is. They seem so wrapped up in their own selfish wants, they forget there are other religions and other festivals celebrated at the same time.

  3. What department stores? Both Lord & Taylor and JC Penney have filed for bankruptcy thanks to his mishandling of Covid that has led to this economic nightmare. Department Stores were on their way out anyway, as most do their shopping online. So there's no one saying Merry anything. Good grief, Trump is SO out of touch.

  4. as much as i appreciate this, i still say "yes sir/ma'am no sir/ma'am" no matter what, and i hold the door open for anyone behind me.. I learned you don't need a certain time of year to be a good person, to another person. a smile goes a long way in changing peoples outlook on life.

  5. Currently Covid is killing hundreds of thousands of people. A quarter of our country is literally on fire. Americans are facing mass unemployment, evictions and food insecurity. So glad to see Trump has his priorities in order. (Insert eyeroll here)