Gavin Newsom’s NEW COVID restrictions are CRAZY AS HE**


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  1. WE all have to fight this slavery in the making. Democrats used fear to separate, divide, concur, and control. Slaves. Democrats removed all forms of safety for slaves. Democrats want to take our guns, our police, Our God and separate our families and Jail or fine us if we fight to be together. Oh they always have a reason. If not they create one like the Plandemic. Or the same lie they told us as young people. The world will end in 10 years. I was 30 the first time they told us that lie. I am now 60.

    We must protect the sanctity of our homes, and family gatherings. We must protect the people who we care about and who care about us, before The Democrats in government take enough of our power that they can make us a world of slaves. They think of us as slaves already and that we must do what they dictate.

    Democrats change our laws to strip us of out dignities our rights. Democrats change our laws so we can't protect our homes. Democrats want to change our laws, so they can kill our babies even after they are born letting us think it is our right. Then they will want to kill our children who are not of working age. Then Democrats want to kill our old people. Look at the Covid 19 patients they put in the Nursing homes.
    Then Democrats will want to kill our handicapped people. Democrats want to kill off all the people who can not work Democrats Split up our families. Democrats want slaves

    Democrats are testing us like a frog in a pot of cold water they keep turning up the heat to see what we will do. We are guinea pigs and the world is the lab we live in so see how we will react to different scenarios. Democrats want to see if they are the Gods that they think they are. Democrats. Democrats want to see if they can pull off another Nazi Germany only on steroids this time. They want to play God with peoples lives. Democrats write the Scenarios pull the strings of their puppets and we hop through their hoops until they have us in chains.

    Bill Clinton Revised the history books when he was in office. those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it especially when the history has been changed Democrats are making up lies to get their slaves back.

    We not only as conservatives but as a nation must get radical and fight for our freedom before our freedom is gone we have nothing to fight for.

    These democrat elites and their backers need to go to jail along with all who push their lies and delay and refuse to prosecute them or We the American people and our children will be slaves to these spoiled elite. We must fight back while we still can.

  2. Unenforceable "Law's". The Police are laughing at this. / it sounds like,( correct me if I'm wrong, ) Newscume is targeting Hispanic families. They're the ones with large, extended families. ( & correct me again,,,,but, aren't Hispanics a very large Demorat voting Bloc,,,,,????)

  3. Cmon ya'll of course they want Biden to win. Remember when Pelosi started talking about Amendment 25. Then suddenly the Hunter Biden story broke. And the Pelosi story went away. They wont be able to oust him on medical so they will rightly, correctly, and quickly. Impeachment with forcing him to step down

  4. Liberal MP's have leaked a number of documents straight from the PMO (that's Prime Minister's Office) here in Canada. We are way past that here. They are taking Requests for Proposals from companies regarding the building of Covid Containment Facilities to be built in EVERY Province and Territory nationwide. (There is already one in an undisclosed location in the province of Quebec.) It was further discussed how the "IMF Debt Reset Plan" was to be rolled out. Go watch Dr. Battar because he reads it straight from the document that was leaked to him. And uh, WAKE UP! Notice the difference of how the "PLAN" is being implemented worldwide. i.e. those countries whose populations are NOT heavily armed, versus those that are. Australia, UK, New Zealand (which is now straight communist like here in Canada); we're all hearing the horror stories of heavy handed behavior coming out of these countries. Well, you can now add Canada to the list. TRUMP NEEDS TO WIN IN A LANDSLIDE OR THIS ENTIRE CONTINENT SLIDES TO COMMIEVILLE. That's as real as it gets. Things are so fucked up here that we can't even force an election in order to get a blatantly CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OUT OF OFFICE! The commies here — the NDP's — just allowed him to retain power through their lack of a no-confidence vote. Ridiculous! You should see the nonsense being taught in our school curriculums. Let them take your guns only when they remove them from your COLD DEAD HANDS!

  5. I had a lil ole cuban lady tell me how they would all line up once a day and get thier small scoop of rice everyday. She said the education camp she was in for 2 years was even worse. That said let me be clear. I will kill as many commies as i can until i am dead simply so i dont have to live like that.

  6. Does anyone understand the US CONSTITION?!?! His rules DO NOT override the constitution!!!!!! The right for a peaceful assembly!!!! Read that again…" The right for a peaceful assembly " KEEP READING it until you understand it…they going to go to everyone's house?! Looking for ppl ?!