1. They are a lot line Joe Biden into the presidency right now as we speak mr. Obama quite a few of the other Democrats are making like nothing ever happened and if some Russia cover up but it's not it's all the truth and you won't know that until after the election because they're lying that's what the Democrats do they lie and don't seem to get any time for anything they don't go to jail for nothing the third do

  2. I would like to throw this out there…. We need to embrace Hunter. Poor kid. Imagine having a sick bastard such as ole' joe as your father…. Subjecting you to God knows what as a kid. Both parents morally bankrupt… Yes, Hunter has made some poor choices that border on treason, but… many of us have faced those moments where your choices were not the wisest. Many of us have faltered… I can only imagine the pressure, the disorienting lack of ethics and sheer greed of the biden clan. I believe the parents, joe in particular are guilty of child abuse and Hunters actions are that of the child trying to live in the filthy and morally bankrupt life the parents created and perpetuated after the birth of these kids. ole joe is guilty of USING his children to commit heinous acts. ole joe is guilty of allowing his children to become patsies for globalist/ccp crime rings. Let's bring Hunter to the Light side… show him some forgiveness and understanding. Understanding that includes the reality that Hunter is only a puppet to the larger issue of sedition and treasonous acts committed by joe and others. Let's show Hunter the compassion of the American people. Our understanding that we are not perfect all the time and there is forgiveness for us within this Society if he, Hunter comes clean and chooses to share ALL he knows. That would be the moment of redemption IMO.