“I saw Donald Trump in the debate. He says ‘oh it’ll go away.’ He’s been saying that since January. That’s why people know he’s an incompetent president during the most difficult of times.”

Sen. Schumer slammed President Trump while giving remarks on the Senate floor on Saturday.



  1. We the people can find out our own truth we don’t need people like you Chuck to twist the truth the Internet is your downfall all your politicians cannot compete with What is out there on the Internet you guys didn’t even last as long as the dinosaurs what a shame Chuck

  2. Hey Schumer you were anything except competent and cooperative with the Pandemic. Don’t you dare point fingers when you have personally done everything to fight against assisting him get this under control. Running your mouth and preventing assistance to the Americans is all you’ve done. Liar

  3. Everywhere trump held a rally, one week later covid-19 cases increased by 30% to 100%. In a couple of locations, the virus DOUBLED after trump did his rally. He is spreading the virus far and wide among his loyal fans! Dead people can't vote! Doesn't he understand that? And his brain-dead republican supporters are giving it to innocent democrats!

  4. Chuck would do the same thing.
    Merritt Garland, Adam Schiff, Camela, doesn't matter. If he were President he'd find a left wing, liberal, whale saving, tree hugging, pillow biting democrat and put that 1/2 black, 1/2 Asian, transgender, lesbian on the court so fast it'd make your head spin.

  5. President Trump is the greatest president ever. Trump 2020.
    Yes so much in the bill, so many things that are not necessary during these desperate times. Quit putting the blame all on Trump. You are the most hateful people I have seen in my life time. Vote Trump 2020

  6. Has anyone seen what the Democrats tried to pack into the stimulus bill? Amongst many toxic items one was stimulus relief for illegal aliens. Why are we giving cash to people who shouldn’t be here?

    They made the bill so Toxic, that either Reps. have to accept it with all the insane trash to get us relief or they say absolutely not. Either way, Trump and the Republicans look bad or at least do not get any good press before the election. Nice