Schumer ripped Mitch McConnell for rushing the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett through the Senate on Saturday.



  1. The Democrats have lost their damn minds. They will do anything to sell the US to china for a buck. The Democrats would so anything for power. This is a terrible day in the US. We need to disband the democratic party. Put Schiff, Schumar, And Hillary Clinton behind bars.

  2. LOL!!! Judge Amy Coney Barrett is too interested in the Constitution and following it’s law! She’s too intelligent !! She’s too highly qualified!! She’s a good hard working woman!! She and her husband opened their hearts and home to adopt two children!! So, she is way, way too dangerous to be a Supreme Court Justice!! How absolutely stupid.

  3. No matter Chuck Schumer, Amy won't be confirmed and not preside on the Suprememist Court in the world. I have the votes. Inconsistency does not matter, contadiction is not an option in today's politics. Warped history will not confirm Amy, plain simple gaff.
    Monday is boycott day. We boycott all judicial judge nominations in the resolute Senate's room. Fear not the grim reaper in our darkest winter since Obama. Preach with your own, and fear not the one who says, I am what I think you should be in all his majesty's service. COVID is back and surging in places you never dreamed, knock knock wink wink.

  4. Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and he’s COMPROMISED. China is desperate for Biden to win because if Biden Wins, CHINA WINS. – and China will OWN AMERICA. This corruption is EXACTLY why I decided to run for President in the first place. For years, I watched one betrayal after another, as politicians like Joe Biden sold out American Workers at every turn—shattering the lives of millions of American families while THEIR families raked in millions of dollars. I could not sit by and watch THEM take advantage of YOU anymore. They are coming after me because I am standing in their way, and standing guard for this Country we LOVE.!

    Donald J. Trump.

  5. Gee Chuck, last time you scumballs wheeled out Dr Ford who had a story corroborated by no one but you folks said to believe all alleged victims. That held until Biden got accused, and ignoring that it had numerous people corroborating many aspects of her story, and you Dems all changed your criteria and supported Joe. So much for your hypocrisy story Chuck. It holds less water than a colander.