President Donald Trump’s campaign has taken out a seven-figure ad buy to dominate the YouTube homepage for 24 hours on Tuesday, exactly one week before Election Day, according to Breitbart News.

The ads focus on Trump’s rise to the White House, his performance on the economy, improving jobs, taxes, and accusing Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and his family of corruption, along with an ad mocking Biden, who is just three years older than Trump, as a “zombie.”

One ad features Trump referring to the New York Post’s story on Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, accusing him of abusing his father’s position as vice president for business in Ukraine.

“It’s so obvious. He would go to a place, whether it’s China or Ukraine or any place — Russia — you take a look at what he’s done and his son was like a human vacuum cleaner. They’d take out millions and millions and millions of dollars,” Trump says in the ad.

Trump’s campaign previously took over YouTube’s masthead last Sunday, with ads that featured former NFL player Herschel Walker and UFC star Jorge Masvidal, among others.

Breitbart also reports that the Trump campaign plans to make another seven-figure ad buy to take over YouTube’s masthead on Election Day.

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