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  1. Biden is in over his head. Plain and simple. He's a career liar and now he's too mentally feeble to keep his lies straight. Hell, the man can't even finish a sentence without stammering. Lol! VOTE REPUBLICAN! VOTE TRUMP! Let's get rid of these bastards! Send Pelosi packing too!

  2. Ever since you brought up shadow banning I been sharing every video I been sharing videos but mostly all the important ones but this is my favorite channel on YouTube has been for 2 years I will b buying a 3 scoop shirt probably plenty more for friends and family anything I can think of to help you out LHM you’re one of the most important channels on YouTube

  3. The moderator Kirsten wld not ask Joe who put the kids in the cages & his VP angst against Obummer wow Joe that took balls of steel..& Joes raising of taxes if if if he won,wld have the rich leave again back to China and the China wld put USA back in debt and finally take over USA change its name to United China!

  4. He had nothing to call trump out on while Biden stood these red faced because all the b.s phony political lies he got called out on. COMMON SENSE TELLS ME TRUMP WANTS WHAT BEST FOR AMERICA, EVEN IF PPL DONT LIKE HIS PERSONALITY HIS POLICIES ARE WAY WAY BETTER AMD HE HAS PROVED TO BE A GOOD POTUS WHILE BEING TALKED ABOUT AND LIED ON THE WHOLE TIME.