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  1. AN ANSWER TO A DILEMMA. When you go to vote and it came down to a republican rino or a democrat, I would vote republican. Either way they would work for the other side, but if you vote republican rino, it could mean that the one republican (rino) vote could give us a majority, More or less just another registered republican to count. DON’T BELIEVE THE POLLS!!! Vote the full Republican ticket. WE NEED TO VOTE IN PERSON!!! Trump-Pence 2020

  2. Electric cars and trucks are great for urban areas but for rural areas, electric cars and trucks are not the answer.
    Rural activities demand horsepower and will never be in a situation where it will be economical for charging stations to be placed into what is called THE STICKS.
    The tech for storage isn't there and also the ability for multiple charges.
    It is a developing activity but should not be pushed until charging stations and capacity are solved.

  3. Just think about all the money democrats made for Biden to win this election money cannot buy you everything they spent all that money to cover everything Biden has done an will do when trump wins I really hope they live a lil harder cuz they are crooks just like the man they are helping!!!!!! Disgusting

  4. Just want to let you know you have my complete support. YouTube is ment to be a mindless liberal platform, and when someone like you starts to educate people on the TRUTH they find ways to cancel you. Hang in there, I'll keep watching and telling people about your channel. Take care and God bless