President Donald Trump ripped into Fox News Channel on Tuesday for carrying a speech by former President Barack Obama endorsing Trump’s challenger for the Oval Office, Democrat Joe Biden.

During Obama’s Orlando speech, Trump tweeted:

Now @FoxNews is playing Obama’s no crowd, fake speech for Biden, a man he could barely endorse because he couldn’t believe he won. Also, I PREPAID many Millions of Dollars in Taxes.

Obama declined to endorse a candidate before a party nominee was chosen, even though Biden served two terms as his vice president. Some early news reports indicated that Obama even tried to talk Biden out of seeking the presidency.

Trump’s reference to prepaying his taxes was pushback to Obama saying in the speech that Trump “doesn’t pay taxes,” “barely pays income taxes,” and “may be paying taxes to the Chinese.”

A September New York Times report said Trump paid only $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017 and none in other years. Trump has countered in recent days that he has prepaid his taxes. In 2016, he said paying little in taxes made him smart.

Earlier Trump tweeted of Fox News:

The biggest difference between now and 2016 is @FoxNews. They are a whole different deal. Despite this, our campaign is doing much better, with bigger crowds and even more (much!) enthusiasm, than we had in 2016. Big Debate & SCOTUS Win! Real Polls have us winning everywhere!

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