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  1. Hey how are you doing I been watching your videos for awhile now Saturday Trump was in my birthplace of lumberton NC I'm half Lumbee Indian and half white I travel alot in my work no money were I'm from so have to go out and make it lumberton NC is the poorest place in NC but my my mom is lumbee the first to go to college in her family she was the youngest of 13 and you know all this everything is racist is crap she was never used her race as a handicap it made stronger she died when I was 15 in 1987 wish she was still here cause she was and sits the smartest person I ever knew well that's my rant sorry you had to read this being so long vote Trump

  2. The MSM no longer exsists as far as The American People are concern, we know we can no longer count of them for truth in content!
    Essentially the media no longer represents the citizenry of the US, we now have to depend on each other to stand up for our Constution and stand against those that seek to destroy our liberties and outright sell out our country to both enemies, foreign and domestic!

    Especially the domestic! Trump/Pence 2020!!!!

  3. #Trumpkeychainisyourkey

    Summons Apple engineers to explain to courts how Keychain technology works in Apple Macs. Put simply it's a verifiable user finger print to the users complete behaviour, usage, access to accounts apps and just about everything used on the Mac. This is very difficult to recreate as fake as usage requires access to the accounts.

    How do we contact Rudi or Bernard Kerik or that other legal guy helping in this matter?
    I've tried via Project Veritas just providing tip information that could at least get the ball rolling in the right direction.

    Sometimes you gotta think that even government resources to analyse shit can be corrupt as f*** getting Apple to explain would be more palatable for the courts and American people all without breaching privacy or even accessing a Mac computer. You can prove it all so long as Apple WANTS to co-operate? That's questionable

  4. traitors and imagine all the damage he has done to our country and how many deaths he has caused and how many more he will course this is unimaginable to our man in uniform. to sell our technology to America's #1 Enemy China!!!!!!! please do go out and vote personally. if you can't please take your time for this if not then we are truly lost and deserve what it's about to come for us all.

  5. It's not going away sir sniff a lot, Killary, and obamaturd, we the American people want justice and we will have it, SEMPER FI AND VOTE IN PERSON AND VOTE REPUBLICAN TICKET ACROSS THE BOARD TRUMP 2020, f you don’t vote for President Trump, then you ain’t American