1. “Required to comply”.
    Remember those words!
    If Harris wins errrr Biden wins, we will all be hearing those words frequently…
    Marxism is now at your back door, knocking loudly. Vote wisely. It’s about who chooses your life choices. You can decide for yourself or you can be forced to comply with the insanity that is the left…
    LH …
    It’s NOT about Biden. It IS about Harris!!!!!
    She is scary dangerous!!!

  2. I love your reports but I have to ask you where that picture of Coumo walking his dog came from? It looks like the Twin Towers in the background. And although the Coumos are the scum of the earth along with DeBlasio, I wonder if the picture is fair.

  3. Hey Liberal Hivemind,
    I'm sure you already know this but out of the 20 or so content creators that I follow on this communist platform you are 1 of 3 that have not been terminated. I'm sorry that you're taking such a big hit on views but I'm glad you're still around. All my other favorites were ripped out of their jobs for telling the truth. R.I.P. everyone who's trying to tell the truth.

  4. Executive orders are not laws. But Fredo should wear the masks that he claims are the only barrier between love and certain death. Andy Cuomo's novel means that his first reaction to the CCP virus was to start pitching a book so he could publish before election day.

  5. CNN is GARBAGE!!!! Most americans dont believe anything CNN reports!!!! You people are so bias!!!! Can you please report the real news!!! Report that. Ilhan omar is a criminal!!! Report that Trump is leading!! Report the truth!!!!!! Ans maybe you will get some respect!!!!

  6. Hey Lib Hive guy, I really appreciate your show & info, but must make a major correction here. The directives which Cuomo or any Governor or Mayor are NOT law!! At best, they are suggestions, but the tyrannical Libtards take advantage of this situation because they love to act as tyrants. The LAW is something known as The U.S. Constitution. It is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND & it cannot be overridden by a Governor, Mayor or any other government executive. The specific parts of the Constitution which apply here are: the !st Amendment, which states that the government may not restrict any person's right to assemble or associate with whomever they choose and the 14th Amendment states that, "No state shall MAKE or ENFORCE ANY LAW which shall ABRIDGE the PRIVILEGES or IMMUNITIES of citizens of the United States; nor shall state DEPRIVE ANY PERSON OF LIFE, LIBERTY or PROPERTY WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW; NOR DENY to ANY PERSON WITHIN IT'S JURISDICTION THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS." (Caps used for emphasis by me). Those officials and any law enforcement people or any government person who enforces those government "directives" (suggestions) is committing crimes – they are violating the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND & everyone who does commit violations of these laws should be removed from office and or arrested. D. "Noel" LaChance, JD

  7. It’s disgusting what YouTube is doing to this channel. Just look at the view totals this channel was getting per video just a few weeks ago. Literally everyone was breaking nearly 500k, but now it’s no where close to that. It’s on us to share LHM’s videos to help the channel and overall help everyone see the truth!