These aren’t protests. This is a totalitarian political movement and someone needs to save us from it. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. What i dont understand is the left hates racism. But they take down white statue and attack white people for there skin color ops i mean privilege. Tell me why a white BLM person is talking over a black BLM own views. Its like they dont want the black person to speak.

  2. Rioters, BLM lunies, leftists radicals: You know there are other socialist/communist countries you can move to if you don't like America. In those socialist/commie countries they actually torture you and then shoot you for tearing down monuments!! You don't have the FREEDOM there to terrorize or riot the streets!!

  3. Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Our President no longer controls the military in America. They decide for them selves what they will do. Just a month or so ago President Trump suggested he might have to use the military if the democrat controlled cities did not get control of their streets. The SOD Esper went into an outrage and violated his chain of command, going straight to the press and public in his outrage stating how outraged he was that the president would even suggest such a thing, and that under his leadership as the SOD he would not allow that to happen in any way shape or form. Actually President Trump should have fired him immediately, but never another word was spoken. Then not a week past when General Millie Willy or something like that threw a public tantrum after he walked with President Trump and several congress people and others of his administration walked from the WH to the church that BLM folks had tried to burn down the night before. President Trump went there to show the public what damage the peaceful BLM people did the 100 yr old church the night before, and to also pray for our country asking God to help restore peace in America's cities. General Millie Willy went into a rage like I never ever seen an Officer of the military do in all my life. He was screaming to the press just like SOD Esper that President Trump had used him, (the general) as a political prop. And he had no right to do such a thing. That has never happen as far back as I can remember. I served in the military, and I can tell you as fact that would never happen. And since President Trump is the Commander and Chief of all the military forces America has, Secretary of Defense Esper and General Willie Nilly violated military protocol and chain of command. They should have immediately been relieved of their duties and Court marshalled for the violation of US military code. Fired immediately, and replaced. It seems the military has defied lawful orders from the Commander and Chief even before they were ever ordered. That's why Americas cities will continue to burn Tucker. Our President, Donald Trump the Commander and Chief no longer has control of the military forces in America.

  4. 1 State of Maine is located in Augusta, ME, United States and is part of the Government Industry. State of Maine has 12,000 total employees across all of its locations and generates $8.16 billion in sales (USD). There are 777 companies in the State of Maine corporate family.

  5. 1. State of Ohio is located in Columbus, OH, United States and is part of the Government Industry. State of Ohio has 57,631 total employees across all of its locations and generates $60.38 billion in sales (USD). There are 2,035 companies in the State of Ohio corporate family.

  6. Donald Trump has convinced millions of Americans that Covid19 is just the “flu”, that Hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for it, that we’re doing really well relative to other countries in controlling the Covid19 pandemic, that the choice to wear a mask is about whether or not you value your freedom and is not about protecting lives. In short on this one most critical test of Donald Trump’s leadership Of the nation he failed miserably. This is not to mention his hundreds of other lies and his trademark disinformation and self-absorbed spin. In short he’s a failed President who has delivered us into the hands of leftist ideologues. When the left takes over in November Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for allowing and enabling Trump to trash the country and dishonor his office just to stack the courts with supposedly conservative jurists. Will we ever have a sane, rational, and principled conservative lead this country again? I’m not sure I’d bet on it.