“I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do, including those chumps at the microphone out there.”

Joe Biden slammed pro-Trump hecklers at a rally in Bucks County, PA on Saturday.



  1. How bout when a guy was talking to Joe about the AR 15 Ban that Joe wants to do, and Joe got pissed off at the question because the citizen was coming with facts… so the citizen said “hey you work for me” and what was Joe Biden‘s response?… “I don’t work for you”.

  2. Thank youfor speaking good thingd about president Trump kind and decent. On the books legal Unlike you and your lies and corript and bribes and riches off us and all countries Obama admin the worst. Its ok joe go basememt. God is not in your life Joe

  3. Nope no more irresponsible parents paying strangers to try to get in country illegally. Bad migrant parents. Your made because child trafficking your guilty of jas come to a hault. Your own sin trafficking and in bed with sex with 14yr old. Your a sick parent joe

  4. What really pissed Joe off is that nobody was there to support him. The only people that showed up in Bristol PA (Philadelphia suburb) were TRUMP supporters who made a lot of noise and he called them CHUMPS.
    There was never a bigger chump that JOE ROBINETTE BIDEN.

  5. Biden speech checklist:
    "here's the thing"
    "remember what he said"
    corona death toll
    "not true"
    "red states"
    "I don't see red or blue, I see americans"
    "I don't see it that way"
    "that's the job"

    That's literally in the first two minutes okay lol, let's find some more bad 3 minute biden speeches later