Joe Biden ripped President Trump’s “rounding the turn” comments on COVID-19 at a rally on Saturday, citing the rising number of cases across the country.



  1. Won't be what you said BIDEN,,Trump already signed an executive for keeping preexisting conditions,, n your war story's BIDEN suck,,your a plagurizer , N your were Slave owners!!( that money was in 2012,!!/ N you suck at lieing BIDEN , you n your laptop son n brother,!! N QUIT using TRUMPS WORDS

  2. Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and he’s COMPROMISED. China is desperate for Biden to win because if Biden Wins, CHINA WINS. – and China will OWN AMERICA. This corruption is EXACTLY why I decided to run for President in the first place. For years, I watched one betrayal after another, as politicians like Joe Biden sold out American Workers at every turn—shattering the lives of millions of American families while THEIR families raked in millions of dollars. I could not sit by and watch THEM take advantage of YOU anymore. They are coming after me because I am standing in their way, and standing guard for this Country we LOVE.!

    Donald J. Trump.

  3. Biden is a professional politician who speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Biden is a mastered of the poetic lie. He is a complaining Monday morning quarterback. Joe is famous for freezing during a crisis. Obama bragged that Joe urged him not to launch the attack against Osama Bin Laden. Biden sold our jobs to China while Hunter got rich with Chinese money. Now lying Joe wants to end oil fracking in Penn. and return the USA back to oil dependence with the Middle East countries.

  4. Obamas own advisor said that it was just pure luck that the swine flu wasn't more deadly because they did everything wrong, if it had been as deadly as Corona virus up to 60 million people might have died. Biden you don't even know where you are most of the time, you say things like I promise if I'm elected I will do away with fracking and fossil fuels, then turn around and swear you never said it. You either have dementia or alzheimers and unfit to hold office.

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