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  1. Let’s hope Trump does win because this is what it’s all about. Conspiracy theory, perhaps but why is it advertised on the UN & WHO ( BOTH PRIVATELY OWNED, look it up) websites for all to see but few do.
    Was at one stage called Agenda 21.
    Trump is one of the spammers in their works which is why big tech is pulling out the stops.
    Call me crazy but I’m not the only one with open eyes so
    TRUMP 2020

  2. The easiest way to end their bias is to stop using their platforms. Don't enable their bank accounts. For example youtube could be quickly replaced by Rumble.
    Give liberals charge of anything they destroy it. Time to take back America from the big government big control democrats. Put them out of business. They don't create prosperity WE DO.

  3. President Trump can’t do everything by himself! What can we do…contact our senators, get thousands of signatures, what? I think the people are r so inundated with fund raising 24/7, so much happening at his close to the election, concern of the fraud that’s certainly happening and how it’ll affect us, but this attack on freedom of speech’s crazy wrong!

  4. Hi Liberal Hivemind. FYI, I'm a viewer from Australia here. I had not subscribed until today, however your content came up in my youtube feed often as I watched your vids often. Or at least up until a little over 1 week ago. Today I suddenly thought it's odd I hadn't seen anything from you for a while so actually searched for your channel to see if you had been absent. Wow there are 13 new videos from you and not a single one showed in my feed. Not sure how it all works but appears you are correct that your vid's are being suppressed.

    note: sub'd today to see if that changes things. fyi, I don't sub typically because this google/youtube account and computer is always logged in and super shared at it just became routine for everyone not to sub to stuff.

    Good luck

  5. Hi I am Liberal Hive Mind and I am a total patsy for a two party political system. George Washington is a President I have never actually read about. Which is why I enjoy distilling content that is toxic to America.

    I am looking for others to add to the Toxicity of dividing a country into "Wrong and Right" because I have no way of accessing my intelligence beyond reactive emotional outbursts that make me want to find a target to BLAME. I am filled with fear and just want a safe place to get others to share my fears.

    I have ZERO interest in actually fixing or providing solutions to policy. I just want you to hate with me.

    Please HATE WITH ME, I beg you,


    Liberal Hive Mind.

  6. Yes, YES AND AMEN!!!! LIES LIES AND DAMN LIES from the Leftist Marxist PIGS! Why don't people understand their freedoms are totally destroyed by these people?? They still WANT TO BELIEVE the LIES in the name of "My Party" Instead of AMERICA and TRUTH!! GOD and MORALS are so important that without them the world will become a HELL ON EARTH!

  7. You are so right about those we elect to office not stepping up to take down big tech. The senate brings big tech in for questioning once every six months or so, slaps them on the hand and sends them on their way to continue their bias against conservatives! The senate repeats this a couple times a year and nothing gets done.

    Maybe it’s time to subpoena the senates bank records to see who’s getting paid off by big tech.

    Which reminds me, I’ve stopped calling congress the swamp. It’s a cesspool! Cesspool is more fitting than swamp. Congress is swimming in raw sewage!

  8. Big tech is not afraid we can’t think for ourselves, they’re afraid we do think for ourselves and it will hurt Joe Biden.

    They know that we the people, the conservatives of this nation do think for ourselves and make good judgements.
    Big tech does not want the leftists to hear the truth because that might just change how they will vote due to the corruption that comes from the left!! BIG TECH “CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

  9. How can you tell if you’ve gotten full market saturation? You’re only going to have a finite number of YT viewers, and if you’ve gotten your base and the algorithm has sent it out to all the “other viewers also watch this”, what is left to expand into? The YT algorithm is definitely designed to achieve full market saturation as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for a video platform but haven’t discovered YT yet? Just doesn’t make sense, I need more data…