Let’s Get Into This



  1. Brandon: Government owns everything you have already….Art. 3 Sect. 2, of the constitution puts you in a jurisdiction where you sign negotiable instruments that give gov. control…marriage lic. , drivers lic., mortgage, everything you sign gives them control…You own everything you have even your children…the key is to know what jurisdiction allows you to keep your property…Hint: start with Art 3., sect. 2 of the constitution….when you walk into the court room which jurisdiction is it?…..

  2. My friend, every election is important. Every election. As for who is right for the country, it all depends on what the people want in the USA. I am biting my tongue as I type this. Both side believe they are right and fit for the USA. Here is where I stand, Trump can lead us to a prosperous country as we were before the Covid-19, Biden I do not believe he will last IF he makes it and Harris will become the President and Nacy may be appointed as the vice, that right the scares the hell out of me.