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  1. Mr Tatum are you concerned about the reputed rise of Artificial Intelligence? For example chess and other game A.I. like Stockfish, Alpha Zero and robot A.I. like Sophia. I have seen videos of deep fakes and artistic renderings and interpretations too. There is also video game A.I., driverless cars, and language interpretation. These might have been replaced by now because of the rate of change. I.M.O anyhow… I am concerned personally because I think we are opening something like pandoras box, the sword of damocles, a virtual labyrinth, the river styx, a mr roboto type scenario, the movie upgrade or similar, network hacking and or mental conditioning, and becoming overly dependent on technology and replacing workers. Im also worried about pooling data, monitoring traffic, and breaches of privacy. I believe in the Word of God and justice being served. How long will most real American Christians ignore these ideas for? It reminds me of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah where Abraham negotiated with God to spare the area if only 10 righteous men lived there.

  2. I used to work security at NYC clubs in 2000's. We used to make him n his "entourage" wait outside cause he never paid his bill, tip waitress or us for taking care of him. They were all fake thugs. Trust me. Ja Rule to. Studio gangsters. They used to say "Im an artist." Id say yea me too. But ur still waiting in line. You do right by me, ill do right by you.

  3. and just now your eyes are starting to open and the Black Community is figuring out joe biden doesnt like black people his words " I don't want my kids growing up in a racial jungle. he said that to strom thurman a kkk member. he called him his mentor at stroms funeral. another friend of handsy joe is robert byrd he was a grand keagle in the KKK he tught joe the ropes of the senate good friend of racial jungle joe. and did you get the news about bidens laptop? see any of the pictures of the senators kid or the 7 other underage girls in porn with hunter. yeah you see don joe made his kids pay 50% of there take from the jobs he got them though corrupt dealing likes like burisma and a few in china that is still to come handsy joe made multi million dollar corrpt deals with china while he was a vice president and he gave so many of our secrets to them for it so you go ahead vote against you best interest it is the new intelligence of the new enlightened liberals hate America twist the law so you never get charged. spy on american citizens that are running for president…WHAT?? vote for corruption and eventually it will eat you. you want evil it is coming. At least with trump we can hold it off for 4 more years i read the book in the end the socialist take over the world to one world gov and then you know who comes next to step into the role of king of the world!! the one who will make you worship him or die. read revelatios its all fallin into place just like those men wrote thousands of years ago

  4. oh wait a minute the did obama take that out of the school books? remember michele we will change history. well im old so ill let you in Abraham Lincoln started the republican party the slave owners were the demoncrap party the south nothing ever flipped your slave owners just played you all like they owned you

  5. The only thing I can say to all these celebrities out there, if the Globalist will get their way, you all will be nothing and will end just like the rest of the population. You lose your rights, fame and be like us ordinary people. There's a lot reasons why it will happen to you, but this is one that you have to think about. Entire population is no working, poor and just depending on the Globalist Government. Fans can no longer afford. You might say that I'm about towards globalism. Just go back and listen on what Obama said on his last speech about One World Order, what Soros and the Democrats said about One World Nation. They've been saying it and people like you celebrities are just not listening or ignoring and maybe thinking that you're not included. But you are. Thank you.