Tucker Carlson shows how the left is threatening violence over Trump’s Supreme Court nomination. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Can we take a moment to point out the fact that she died and within 30 minutes for the president to release his list. 4 years ago Lindsey Graham told the world to use his words against him when refusing to install a new justice in an election year. Well they did, and there defense was that the Senate and the presidency was secured by the same party. He genuinely didn't think that he would be in the Senate still when a circumstance like this would come into play. RBG wasn't a liberal judge, well not in the sense everyone makes out, she was much more in the middle. A balance in a court that kept the constitution in play when decisions were made. A 5-4 balance was perfectly fine, there is nothing wrong with a conservative majority, but there is something mildly concerning about a plan to keep the president in office with the Supreme court due to his dramatically falling poll numbers.

  2. <<< Opinions of 10-18 y/o Matter >>> Unable to vote, they harbor less interest in election-politics per se, more in SPREADING C-VIRUS-FEAR the U.S. main media blames the US-President for "failure" to curb its largest world numbers of pandemic deaths. <<>> HOWEVER <<>> FIRST, U.S. world's largest pandemic deaths number only reflects its LARGE POPULATION SIZE. <<>> SECOND, data published by World Bank, World Health Organization, [WHO], Johns Hopkins University and RealClearPolitics on how well the US and 30 NATIONS fight the common, global evil, tell another story, in %, of ACTUAL, C-VIRUS FATALITIES in all nations <> E.G.: U.S. 2.7; Germany 2.7; Swtzrlnd 2.8; NL 2.9; AU 3.3; Spain 3.4; Irlnd 3.8; France 3.8; Canda 4.9; Blgm 4.9; China 5.4; Iran 5.7; Swdn 5.7; UK 6.1; Italy 9.0; Mxco 10.1; Group 2: Singpor 0.05; Curacao 0.14; Icelnd 0.28; Mldivs 0.33; Fr-Plyns 0.37; Bahrain 0.38; Dubai 0.41; Caymn-Ilnd 0.43; Lchtnstn 0.45; Israel 0.73; Aruba 0.79; Mnco 0.77, Czch 0.84; NZ 1.33; JP 1.80. Group 2 reflects High Nursing-Caring-Health Care, Tight Borders, Reduced-Big-Drug/Food-Co-dominance, etc. [RestrictedReportSpace/JHU/PITT-U prof/'in'/Utube/1M+Google_citations/Amazon/10.18.20]<>

  3. I've never hear of this woman, but when she died our media here in Europa was full of praises and the lefties/trump haters was falling over each other too give a heart warming speech of how she moved not just them, but a whole nation.. Two days later, nothing. It's insane the flock mentality the left can muster and never reflect on – They have not individual though. None of them had any idea she existed, before she died.

    They'll sell their own mother, if they are told too.

  4. Yes, for the Democrat Dodos (extinct species) a single citizen's dying wish ought to trump the nation's Constitution. This comes from a cult that – it is rumoured – did not acknowledge this person's demise for at least 8 months (possibly 1 year, 8 months) because they wanted to USE the event for their political / personal power and prestige gains. Can you investigate this please, Tucker?