“Democrats are flunking their own test.”

Sen. Mitch McConnell slammed Senate Democrats who claim the nomination process for Judge Amy Coney Barrett is illegitimate.



  1. You people who are extreme will cause the judgement to occur and you will be known as the cause and condemned. You will be brought back to life and judged by the Catholic saints. Why do you hate your neighbor when you should help them? Votes are judgements at this point. In the same way that you judge others you too shall be judged. The love of money is the source of all evil.

  2. I really do not understand why the other side is upset. This was done in a timely fashion hate saying this part a female not what don’t they like. I feel it’s simple and account it’s a party that itself is deeply divided is it a socialist party or is it truly to hold on to its democratic beliefs

  3. "In our culture we were trained in school how to be factory workers how to behave at certain bills and nobody said these words to you but we got the message that if you shine too bright your going to get into trouble. To keep your light down, just behave and you'll get through. So we have a culture that's stuck in survival instead of thriving. We've forgotten the magic and joy in life and that's a really important place to start."
    -Sandra Ingerman

  4. Mitch there are white families,families of other colors in parking lots asking for money because they can pay bills.Your priorities are mixed up you should get the money to the American people but what you give Amy who already has money a job boy that is mixed up Mitch.

  5. This nomination is not legitimate based on the precedent set by the republican majority in 2016. The fact that she accepted this nomination proves she is not trustworthy of the position as the does NOT respect precedents. You can lie as much as you want but your reasons in 2016 for refusing Obama his legitimate Supreme Court selection you reason for breaking precedent was that no supreme court nominee should be confirmed in an election year. All this stuff you are saying now is total bull shit. We The People are not going to stand for this.

  6. Look at how old these representatives are. Jesus Christ can the younger generation start voting in local government so we can wipe these dinosaurs out and get people in that actually know how to use a computer and cell phone. Maybe can run up a set of stairs still. This guys so old his neck skin is hanging down to his chest.

  7. She's the most….bla bla bla. She and groups she has been associated with have been whitewashing social media about her, deleting all kinds of things that don't look good for her. McConnell spits his lies about the shit they pulled last time vs this time. They look you right in the eye and lie to you, knowing you see the lie. This is one of the most disgusting senators in recent history.

  8. Says the fake two faced republicans that use the excuse it’s too close to an election to nominate a judge. Now they are rushing it 5 days before the election, they even said to use their words against them. You people support these types of sham artists, no wonder your morals is just as backward as your patriotism.

  9. I think the Democrats should expand the Supreme Court to 27 Justices, fill every one of the new positions, and then enact legislation that requires a two thirds supermajority to overturn any court rulings. Then, they should look McConnell right in the face and say, "We did it because we could and you couldn't stop us. Get over it!"