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  1. Watch: http://www.youtu_be/5jlORdMTSM Before it’s taken down. Watch the video if it is still there.China has tanks parked in Mexico.

    Give this thought: if you are here illegally, you have no standing, no right. You broke immigration laws. They can & will do as they please with you. You were fed lies. Not long after you arrived you were prevented from assistance. Not allowed to work & many other means to take what little you had away from you.You can be killed & no one would ever. Many were forced to steal, survive just to get threw the day, week, month, keep warm. Once you serve your porous you are expendable, no one knows that you existed. No one would know what happened to you. You may even be deported because you’ll just be a burdon. Your children would be raised under CCP if their “One World Order” is in place. Is that what you want?

  2. Officer Tatum.
    I'm 63, and a proud supporter of President Trump. But I can tell you from my own experience with Black folks my age, that there is nothing you can say or any video tape you can provide to convince them of the Truth your telling them; they are still gonna vote against Trump, because the Democrat party has them firmly in they're grip. This is a sad sad fact where I live.
    That being said, I believe this nations only hope is with the young Black men and women below be the age of 30. So keep on telling the truth my brother. And let us pray that I'm wrong , and Black folks finally get Hip to the lies of the Democrap be party.
    Trump 2020.

  3. Here’s to the ignorant strict gun laws create longer jail terms for the one who breaks them so when the criminals are caught with guns they are breaking more laws which can cause longer jail terms BUT U FOOLS ALWAYS RUN TO criminals can’t have guns anyway Na you think. This isn’t the Wild West there has to b laws the laws give the judicial system the authority to implement stronger jail sentences for the criminals caught with guns

  4. The question and only question to ask IS WHAT 4 year plan does each candidate have for the American people 4 years TRUMP BEEN HOLDING ONTO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AND STILL USING IT SO WAIT HE HASNT MADE GOOD ON HIS SLOGAN 4 years and your still trying to run that make America great YOU HAD 4 years and all there’s been is controversy and scandal

  5. . I was a social worker, no way would i want to be ground zero in that situation. I used to be DV crisis and I relied on the police to issue restraining orders, get the perp in jail so I could do my job. Protecting kids and the Adult victim. We need the police, they are the foundation of safety.

  6. I’m moving to Arizona from New York because I’m tired of weak law enforcement in NY. I would definitely vote to keep guns legal in AZ, I want strong law enforcement and that does not happen under liberal leadership look at Portland and Seattle. Horrible places to live because of Liberal leadership. Vote for Republicans!