“That’s not who we are.”

Jill Biden slammed President Trump and Republicans at Joe Biden’s Saturday rally, saying Republicans are attempting to suppress the vote.



  1. Heal a broken family?,…you mean getting millions of dallors for your crackhead thrown off the miltary son and get money thru you brother from China yet started the russisn nothing burger against President Trump…..vote President Trump …. no We dont agree with you and your lies,…your cheating against your husband,. to sleep with,. dirty closet back door dealing Joe Biden. Whoop whoop,…

  2. @Jill Biden, who says "That's not who we are" — Then Please, Jill, tell the American public who you are. We keep learning and hearing more and more BAD things about Joe Biden. IMO, the very worst one is not talked about at all – Joe "influenced" ELEVEN nations Not to give Edward Snowden asylum (before Russia granted him asylum.) There are videos where a person can see and hear Edward Snowden say precisely what I have written above. Of course, Joe was the Henchman for Obama and for the DNC.
    ….. To people who think Snowden was a traitor – HOW SO? It isn't as though he gave out the math formula for the H-Bomb. Instead, he informed the American public that Every one of us was being spied on – How convenient for just a few "bad actors" in the U.S. Intel – to use against their enemies (to intimidate them… to blackmail them… or to extort from them.) Guess the U.S. Intel thought that "Search Warrants" had become archaic…..