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  1. i think the "msm" and debate commission FORGET there are dozens of individual youtubers talking about the biden crime syndicate/family, and dozens of conservative radio hosts talking about it, and even Rebel Media in Canada is following the scandal and reporting on it. if they black out this important story there are others who will expose it!!

  2. Mcenany Owens 2024 or Owens Mcenany 2024? if these Real Power Women run for office, how would state ventriloquist feminists campaign? on race extremist issues? no Kayleigh Candace have colour covered,. maybe their extreme feminine beauty would be attacked? a N-BLM (non-binary lives matter) movement may do the trick….. Wake Up Woke, choose the side that offers freedom of speech, of Thought Freedom of CHOICE! follow the lead of Women with brains and not men without an once of concern for any race nor gender but agenda.