Technology executives in San Francisco are the product of left-wing universities that trained them to hate this country. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Microsoft's bing will do just fine for me, Microsoft's agenda i guess i don't care or they are better at covering t up solid business "but we need search engines" you could also just not use the internet? there was a time when freedom of dont blame them if we have become to weak to make one NOT THEIR FAULT who is in hell waiting to catch your fall.

  2. Yup it’s going to get bad. The democrats are not expecting to win they are not even trying to win. They have no campaign offices across the country. Their plan is to cause voter chaos and give a narrative that Trump stole the election and therefore violence and burning and looting and destruction is a valid outcome. When in fact, the democrat party is actually pushing towards socialism and communism. It won’t work. But they will do damage . And the country will have to have some form of martial law. These democrats are not patriotic Americans. Get that thru your heads. Many of their followers are brainwashed and not coming home anytime soon. Be prepared patriots , have back up.

  3. How hard would it be to identify the logistics of someone using a courier service to deliver something. Either someone inside of fox intercepted the mail regarding Biden’s or someone inside the courier service intercepted it. How does mail get stolen and no one know how or who?

  4. Smart people will hoard gold but the smarter people have been hoarding lead.. I predict lead prices are going to be going up.. and when I like to shoot I like to shoot green. Conserve ammunition and conserve our precious natural resources one Marxist one bullet Make it count