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  1. That was an inspirational share. We need to put God back in the daily picture of our lives and get back on track! We always said the pledge of allegiance and had religious freedom when I was a kid. But since that precious value has been removed and censored, it’s shameful!

  2. It boils down to Religious Supremacist Vs Rest of Americans. It’s not separating church and state and those who wish to do. Economically and not delivering we understand but social views we disagree with on basis of freedom for people who aren’t religious or Christian similar to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

  3. It is awesome and speaks of his character how this man, , The President of the United States of America, Donald J Trump could have done so much for this country all while getting bombed by a barrage of incoming rounds and mortar fire.  Who else could / would have lasted this long.

  4. How COULD you Brandon?!! Maybe Chelsea Handler needs to remind you that you're…..lol Just kidding! I'm totally kidding because YOU are a free thinking intelligent black HERO, in MY view!!! You just keep on being yourself & thinking for yourself because you're helping a lot of people, of ALL races to feel GOOD about being a Trump supporter!!! It's not a social sin to be conservative & to fight for the rights of unborn defenseless children!!!

  5. Unfortunately even the GOP is going to slowly accept gay marriage which is against the word of God. our only King is King Jesus and our government is the kingdom of heaven and one day the Lord is going to return and make it all right.
    even the Republican party is going to have to acquiesce to get votes in the future as the hearts of men grow more wicked as scripture prophesies.

  6. Your "blackness" means nothing to me. My "whiteness" should mean nothing to you. But I'm am so grateful that, especially as a black man, you speak truth and righteousness because so many beautiful darker brown – skinned people are oppressed by the lies and so many of us with lighter brown skin are convinced that we are part of an evil race. You are my brother, my fellow American, and my fellow bride of Christ, and you have my prayers and gratitude for your powerful voice.

    Peace, my friend!

    "There is no black. There is no white. We are all just different shades of the dirt we were formed from." – Debi Dixon

  7. Integration is key, even in politics. A lot of my friends and I changed parties this year because all we ever heard was leftist propaganda from one-sided mainstream news media and even though we didn't like how Obama ran things, we just figured we had to settle because that was supposed to be the party that cares about people. This is why it's important for Republicans to continue sharing their views. Not every Democratic voter believes in Democratic policies, they just don't know it yet because Democrats leave people in the dark about what their policies are. I figure that's why they try to shutdown anyone who disagrees with them or questions their motives.

  8. Trump might be the greatest person to influence politics in history.
    people today are more engaged in politics that ever before and not just in the USA but across the world you see the effect.
    Covid has just exposed the traditional politician and people are tired of their false promises.

  9. Your message is spot on. You are trying to teach critical thinking skills, where many people have never been exposed by it. You say Ben Carson is a very successful man, but I would say you are too. You messages get out to your 1.39 MILLION subscribers. This video alone has ( at this time ) 117K views. On one hand it is sad that only 10% of your subscriber base watched it, but on the positive side you taught critical thinking skills to 117 thousand folks. That is success. Keep up the great work.