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  1. Even if Biden was to win the election he would only be a figure head for ridiculus left wing cartoon .wake up can you imagine a administration infiltrated by muslim congressional members that hate America as we know it .Biden would immediately be sent to either his basement or a care home .kumula not having willie brown to guide her would fail miserably and the country fall back into the dark ages wake up folks this election has the opportunity to improve the world or weaken it .vote Republican.

  2. How can liberals vote for the Democrat Party when, once agin, the DNC forced a corrupt, establishment candidate down their throats? – first with uber corrupt Hillary and now with corrupt, dementia Joe. How much abuse is a liberal willing to take?

  3. The only roadblock to a Trump victory is that voting will be corrupted by the "mail-in ballot" approach. We don't know who is mailing the ballots in, we don't know how many ballots individuals are mailing in, we don't know where the ballots end up and we don't know who is counting them. What can go wrong?

  4. I have been a registered Democrat for 40 years.

    Not anymore; switching to Independent. I quit. The insanity of the last few months has opened my eyes to the fact that that the Democratic party has lost its damn mind.

    My #1 issue is 1st Amendment/free speech; what the left/Dems/big tech has been doing (suppressing freedom of speech) is apauling, frightening and anti-American.

    So I just voted straight Republican including Trump.

    And it's not just me; my brother feels the same way. We didn't leave the Democratic party; it left us.