Pollster Jim McLaughlin and political strategist Dick Morris on Friday said national polling on the 2020 election is “suppressing” GOP voters and getting skewed data favoring Democrat Joe Biden over President Donald Trump.

In a discussion on Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield” show, the pair agreed the “shy” Trump voters aren’t being polled just as they were overlooked in 2016.

“There hasn’t been an election in decades where Republicans haven’t been at least a third of the national (voters) and yet you’ll see these [mainstream media] polls will have maybe a quarter of the voters as Republican,” McLaughlin said.

Morris added that there’s an “intimidation factor” on phone polling, and bashed the practice as “weapons of mass deception.”

“There’s a seismic shift for Trump and that will determine the election,” Morris asserted. “Trump is getting 23% of the Black vote in swing states and 39% of the Latino vote. Trump will carry Florida.”

According to Morris, “these polls are W.M.Ds — weapons of mass deception.”

“What they’re trying to do is [get] everybody into thinking that Biden has this wrapped up, that there’s no point in going out to vote and forget about it it’s already in the bag,” he said. 

“That’s why they have Wisconsin with Trump 17 points behind. Baloney. He’s tied with Trump” there, he added.

McLaughlin charged that the polling strategy — and Biden’s messaging on fossil fuel reduction — will backfire.

“It’s really a concerted strategy by [Democrats] to suppress the Republican vote… and it’s going to backfire,” McLaughlin said about polling.

But most hurtful for Biden is his intention to wean the country off fossil fuels.

“It’s going to hurt him in places like Texas and Pennsylvania. It’s also going to hurt him in Michigan, because those folks get it there. …a big part of their economies are these gas powered cars.”

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