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  1. Biden/Harris…..a vote for this ticket gets this: A win for the #2 man behind Obama, who ended his administration with the most high casualty mass shootings of any president to date, AND had the most illegal drone strikes of any president in modern history. Biden is the man who introduced the 1994 Crime bill that militarized the police, introduced the assault weapon ban, and set the stage for further erosion of the black family in America and simultaneously increased the rate and length of incarceration of black people. It was after this bill started that the 1st mass shooting of a public school took place (Columbine, Colorado). Joe and Hunter Biden are both very corrupt and used Joe's political positions for personal monetary gain.
    And then there is Kamal-ass Harris….probably the one of the most corrupt AG's in recent US history, next to Eric Holder and Janet Reno.

  2. Look at her mannerisms – hope she'll have an ANEURYSM. Just kidding, I love creating rhymes, but I would never wish death upon a person, even if it is her, but I'd have to curb my enthusiasm, if she got what's coming to her – commupans like you've never seen is what she has coming, so while I wouldn't wish that upon her, she so deserves it, but that's how much I hate this person. There are only a handful of people I actually HATE. She is one. God, is she on speed? I wonder how long she can keep up that "wow, I'm so happy to be here" act. Completely devoid of truth. It's like that when people lie, lie, lie and lie some more. It becomes them, and it's hard to lie that much without messing up. She can't wait to become POTUS. I am praying fervently that Biden is NOT elected. They'll probably punish Trump for being a great president and winning the election through his HONESTY, then it will be scorched earth to a degree that it's never been. Oh yeah…they'll punish him.

  3. she's so easy to spot lying. She's bringing up the same old tired lies and attacks against Trump. I'd be willing to bet that she was a theatre major in high school. She's on overdrive. They put Biden away, I'd be willing to bet, so she can continue campaigning. Watch after Amendment 25 she'll have crocodile tears talking about what a great man, he is, while she can barely contain her excitement at being POTUS.That's why they put him in the bunker again (I guess). He was making too many gaffes. I can't stand the sound of her voice. It must be the frequency. Such a sleaze ball! I had to turn it off after about ten minutes of her bull sh*t, Her voice betrays her. Even the most gullible people can see through her. Maybe that's why she lost the primary..

  4. Adam Schiff is a liar he did it before and he will keep doing it as long as they keep electing him! Or is it election fraud that got him in office they should investigate his elections! Already Biden supporters that voted early want to change their vote and when told they can't they regret it!

  5. All the top Dem reps need put in prison. Actually I would be down with public executions, but I know there are a bunch of pansies that will accept prison for the crimes they have committed against us. They made themselves rich by destroying our nation. They hate everyone except the liar criminals that work and do the same thing they do everyday Absolute garbage humans and honestly I couldn't care less if they died in painful, horrific ways. I still have no idea how they actually sleep at night knowing how terrible of humans they are.

  6. Sadly there are going to be 60 million sheeple who vote for Bin Hidden. And they will do it willingly with joy in their little misguided hearts just to get Trump out of office. Luckily there are many more of us who live in reality and will vote to keep him in.

  7. Please vote trump Americans must know that a biden Harris administration would destroy America and make the Biden and Harris family’s billions from their friends in Iran Russia Ukraine China and every other country Biden has stepped foot on. Please just vote trump and save America.

  8. Joe is nothing but a puppet who has to be told what to say on every little thing, (they cross their fingers hoping he can read and remember where he is). Harris is the biggest fake, phony, insincere, political person I have ever had the misfortune to see in action. Heaven help this country if either win one fraction of an inch of any kind of power. Bet Harris is ripping her hair out fore having hitched herself to Biden's falling star. He's history and she's toast.

  9. so what happens if biden wins and then he gets busted for all these crimes, does kamala and pelosi step in?
    no offense to women, i am a woman myself but that gives me inside info on how hormonal and unpredictable some women can be for a week every month of the year , and having a female with the big red button in her reach whenever she is hormonal or unhinged once a month for the next 4 years is frightening!

  10. (I'm just observing from the UK)
    The Americans have been conditioned over the century since the Russian Revolution to the point that merely saying "it's a Russian plot" etc is sufficent on it's own to stop most people digging deeper and asking questions. You can see it happening right now re Biden.
    The UK has a similar issue with the EU. Politicians deflect questions or blame by just saying "it's the EU" and most people stop asking questions.
    Long after whatever issue it was is settled and over the notion that "the EU shafted us again" lingers long.