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  1. I am not a "crowd" lover at all, and have zero desire to attend one of Trumps loud rallies.

    And there are thousands just like me. And I love President Trump too, and would crawl over broken glass to vote IN PERSON for him.

    WHEN we win, we must CRUSH the lefties and their friends in the media.

    God Bless America and Donald Trump.

    Make the Liberals CRY AGAIN!

  2. Democratic party wants to cheat and destory republician ballots trouble is alot of us democrats are voting for our President Donald J Trump. We are off the plantation. Democrats forgot we are Americans first and my loyalty is to God and country not a marxist party. Just ashamed that this party had me drinking the plantation koolaid for so long. No more. So when your destorying ballots just remember we democrats are leaving too. Your not an American party anymore.

  3. I love the meme in the beginning. What’s interesting is the “D” within the circle, in the US Navy that signifies “ DARKEN SHIP”. Whenever dusk is coming on at sea the Navy ship will establish “ DARKEN SHIP” procedure to eliminate light from escaping into the night, which could give away a ships position/ location. It’s a indication of the current condition of the Biden campaign.

  4. I think one thing the polls (if they are even trying to be accurate–I'm not so sure anymore) are failing to consider is that tons of registered democrats are voting for Trump. They may not consider themselves democrats anymore but just haven't gotten around to changing their party registration.

  5. I used to be a pollster. The polls in 2016 were manipulated to make Hillary look like she was doing better than she was, which is why is was such a shock that Trump won. In 2020, the manipulation in favor of Biden has reached Harry Potter level fantasy. Not only does Trump have more support, but his support is much more likely to show up and vote. Just look at your videos of Trump events and parades, and Biden events with nobody attending them.